HARPO Says “NO” to Michael Jackson & Hell No to Chris Brown

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Oprah W.

Even though the summer time is Harpo’s off season, she says “I talk about what I want to talk about.” Oprah does not support people that hurt children and especially men that beat on women. Since that’s the case she feels she has no reason to speak on MJ’s death and Chris Brown.

According to Oprah sources, they give a full explanation on why the talk show host is saying NO…

Oprah’s got some balls! After speaking with one of my good friends that works with her, they told me as of now she has not and WILL NOT be promoting Michael Jackson because of the past child molestation charges brought against him. I was telling them that MJ was the King of Pop and they went on to say: “Cool, but we all know that he also had other things going on … and people tend to forget the things that matter.”

According to my source, Oprah “does not cover people who hurt children” and said “why give them shine on our show, we never have and never will.”

They also told me that Chris Brown’s people had been trying to do an interview but as of now, Oprah isn’t willing to do that either!

“It’s not about the interview, it’s about the lives that we touch,” my source told me. “Every day millions of people watch our show, white and black, so whatever story we decide to cover, we have to make sure that it is only good energy…”

And we all know how Oprah feels about Chris Brown. Not even a week after the Rihanna incident went down, she was on her show basically speaking to Rihanna saying “If he hits you once, he will do it again.” But as for the MJ situation? All I can say is wow… Oprah has some guts. And her ratings are dropping too!



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  • hold ya head down there you go

    wow I really hope oprah did not say that about MJ or think that from my stand point he was never convicted of any crime as for Chris brown who cares.

  • SAgirl

    MJ doesnt need Oprah to do a show about him, he’s already a mega legend. F*%k Oprah!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    It’s Oprah’s Show and she can do whatever she wants to do…

    That’s the beauty of being the Boss & Owner…

  • kelis

    MJ did not touch those children. He was acquitted… But its her show.

  • toby

    didn’t she have him on her show after the first allegation when he was Married to Lisa Marie?

  • Nisha

    She interviewed him before so why not now? I don’t believe this article.

  • Shay

    Do we not live in America anymore? Mike had his day in court and was proven innocent…SMH @ Oprah



  • mzsweetface

    Why would she decide not speak on MJ? She interviewed him years ago. I wonder what happened to make her think he isn’t worthy.

  • SCSunshine

    Oprah can have whomever she likes on her show and not because she has money and power, but because it is HER show!

    She has personal reasons for feeling the way she does about alleged child molesters and abusers so it is all relative to her perspective. I find that many people go hard at Oprah, but do not comment about Bill O’Reilly (sp?) and Rush Limbaugh about their choice of topics. Also, people seem to talk about what Oprah “ought” to do for “US”, but many of “US” don’t support her. I believe she is a great humanitarian and is proud to who she is (Black). She’s just like the majority of us-proud, but just waiting for the rest of us to be proud too and not just expect things and wait for others to validate us.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    Oprah is loosing cool points with me on the MJ piece! Doesn’t she know everyone was waiting for her to do a segment on Michael after he died – what better way to get your ratings up….Get it 2gether Oprah

  • star

    I dont believe this story at all. Oprah never ever said anything bad about chris brown. She said that people need to send him love and that people often dont know they need help unless people tell them. Chris Brown does not have alot going that he cold full an entire hour. She would have to be doing another abuse show or something. and I’m sure she would applaud the fact that he took responsibility. As for MJ, what could she possibly do about that? drug users and Oprah doesent really do shows like that. She could try to have the entire family there plus the children but that would be much later in the year.

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