Juve Rather Kick It Than Attend Baby’s Funeral?

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Juvenile did not attend the funeral of his 4 year-old daughter, but now there are reports that he was out performing as well as kicking it in Augusta, GA. That’s a damn shame, even if there is a good explanation. SMH.

Click here for photos of Juvenile doing things other than attending his daughter’s funeral service.


  • Lauren

    I heard about this SMDH…..1ST

  • Lauren

    His baby was killed by her older brother, she also killed his sister and the mother…..

  • Anonymous

    I also heard about this old news. sorry excuse for a man.

    get this, his exucse was that he doesnt want the media over at the funeral with the attention on him.

    negro please!! no media cares about your insignificant azz. they was just reporting about a lost that you clearly have no concern for!!

  • Al-Anon

    I guesss he was “too devastated” to attend his daughter’s funeral. Maybe he was too stressed out. Maybe, he needed to celebrate that he doesn’t have to pay child support anymore!!

  • Jahpson

    you an azz ha!

    your daughter getting buried and you partying up in Augusta ha!!

    after this all done you will remain irrelevant ha!!

  • david

    No surprise here. He fought and fought to make sure he didn’t have to pay much child support (if any) and now that she’s dead, he probably feels like there’s a load off. Jerk!

  • victory is mine

    who does this negro think he is that the media would be focused on him…your daughter was tragically murdered by her brother and your partying…he did nothing for her in life the least he could have done is attend the baby’s funeral…sorry excuse for a man…

  • JorgeOoOo

    Whats the obessesion about getting the first post? If you really are that lame that getting a post in a blog is important to you end yourself.

  • JorgeOoOo

    Whats the obessesion about getting the first post? If you really are that lame that getting a post in a blog is important to you end yourself please.

  • Lauren

    Now he will have to live with the fact that he did not see his baby or his baby’s mother at the funeral…..I would hate to be his conscience (spell check)

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    maybe..but you never know his personal reasons for not attending his child funeral! From the outside looking in..he looks selfish, but he probably had his reasons!

  • JorgeOoOo

    I didnt come to argue I just see every one on here and tmz and all the other websites doing it. Hell even on foxsports comments they do it. Is it really that important to have the first post? Do you sit around and wait for them to post a story to be the first one to put a comment up? Maybe they should delete these first comments…..

  • khourin

    Does anyone know if he was taking care of this child? Apparently not, if he didn’t attend the funeral. Its sad because I may be wrong, but the way I am interpreting this situation is he had no emotional tie to HIS child, therefore making it easy not to attend her funeral. Sad….

  • Ash

    Thats really sad… especially if mr. “i’d get too much media attention” didn’t even pay for his daughters funeral. i can’t respect a man who isn’t there for his child in life, and even less when they don’t even bother to pay their respects when the child dies… he needed to cancel them plans he had or at least be at home in quiet reflection out of the spotlight so he could grieve alone… NO EXCUSES

  • Lauren

    @ JorgeOoOo_ No its not that serious, you’re looking way to hard into this, just chillax…lol…Maybe you should be looking that hard into something else……try that…..

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