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After winning in Wyoming over the weekend, Obama won again in Mississippi last night and now has negated any delegate gains by that shady Hillary in Ohio and Texas. Here is what he had to say after his win:

It’s tough to think of two states more different than Wyoming and Mississippi. But we won Wyoming on Saturday, and we just learned that we won Mississippi by a large margin tonight.

Between those two states, we picked up enough delegates to erase the gains by Senator Clinton last Tuesday and add to our substantial lead in earned delegates. And in doing so we showed the strength and breadth of this movement. But just turn on the news and you’ll see that Senator Clinton continues to run an expensive, negative campaign against us. Each day her campaign launches a new set of desperate attacks.

They’re not just attacking me; they’re attacking you. Over the weekend, an aide to Senator Clinton attempted to diminish the overwhelming number of contests we’ve won by referring to places we’ve prevailed as “boutique”

states and our supporters as the “latte-sipping crowd.”

I’m not sure how those terms apply to Mississippi and Wyoming — or Virginia, Iowa, Louisiana, or Idaho for that matter. I know that our victories in all of these states demonstrate a rejection of this

kind of petty, divisive campaigning.

But the fact remains that Senator Clinton’s campaign will continue to attack us using the same old Washington playbook. And now that John McCain is the Republican nominee, we are forced to campaign on two fronts.


  • Lauren

    I know thats right!

  • Lauren

    latte-sipping crowd? WTF is that supposed to mean?

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    I wonder what wack a$$ Hillary Clinton is gonna do next? What’s the next trick she’s gonna pull up out of her sleeve?

    I USED to like her, but just like any other wack a$$ individual the more you get to know them the less respect you have for them and your fondness for them goes away…

  • NotoriousOne

    Obama just needs to keep rackin’ up those “W” and let the Clinton campaign keep crying and whining at every turn!

  • Just Sayin

    That SHADY clinton is a turd. She just want’s to get bill back in the office. What a witch! Did you see how wide she looked during the last debate. hillary is a teste neck havin, husband gettin a BJ from a intern, lynin to the public, Vince Foster gettin rid of, semi truck ass havin, pink pig lookin like chimp!

    Don’t get me started.

  • Lisa

    I wish him all the best, our country needs him!!!!

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Keepin’ It Real…

    “I USED to like her, but just like any other wack a$$ individual the more you get to know them the less respect you have for them and your fondness for them goes away…”


  • victory is mine

    Right on brother…keep ya head up…Sillary is feeling the nomination slipping from her cold wrinkled hands everyday….that’s why she tries to keep her attacks coming….

  • eighthsquare

    Is there anyone with out there with an upcoming Democratic primary in your area that’s planning on not voting for Obama? If so please tell us why. I don’t want to see anyone get blasted on based on this question, I just want to hear what reason a person would give.

  • victory is mine

    hey notorious one…how goes it this fine day…

  • joyce

    Obama needs a big win in Pennsylvannia before Shady Clinton will sit her ass down somewhere. Her talk of a “dream ticket” has pissed me the hell off!!! Hoe sit down!

  • maxwell209

    That’s right Obama!! Remain positive and let these racist people hang themselves. Hilary and her supporters are doing every thing to discredit Obama but the tables are also making her look desperate and obsessed with winning as oppose to “really caring about the people.”

    He’s not qualified BUT he can be my vice resident

    He has the BLACK vote and they are only voting for him because he’s black…Obama has the white male and white female vote as well and how many people are voting for Hilary because she’s a woman…even she has campaign behind the umbrella that “I will be the first woman president” What’s the difference”

    For Hilary’s camp to keep throwing unwarranted attacks at Obama and all her racist supporter saying damaging things about her owe teammate, it shows the voters of color just what Hilary is about…WINNING AND THROWING you to the foxes if she has too. America is a racist country point blank and you will always have idiots like this with you so I commend Obama for standing his ground and running a positive campaign that focus on the people and the people issues.

  • moca

    GO OBAMA!!! I just pray and hope that he is our next president because he will get it right and get us back on track.

  • Raven

    OK, why hasn’t anyone mentioned how Obama’s winning all the traditionally Republican RED states and Clinton’s winning the Democratic BLUE states. Which means that when Nov. comes, all the states he’s won will vote for McCain anyway?

    Jesus Christ.

    I just hope that if Clinton wins, Dems won’t be so disgusted with her tactics that they’ll vote for McCain. Sure Dems and Republicans are no different. But, undoubtedly, Republicans are the greater evil.



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