Twitter Files: Bow Wow and Soulja Boy Tweet on Girls Going Short and Solange Responds

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Yesterday Bow Wow, Soulja Boy and Latavia former Destiny Child Member… where she come from… hits up Twitter and goes all in on these chicks in the industry cutting there hair short. It was straight comedy!!!

Soulja Boy Tweeted: “Ladies if you gon shave ya head at least let my barber Bobby world give you that tight azz hairline LOL!! Stop joccin Amber not cute…”

With everyone having Solange as the topic of discussion yesterday she felt the need to address the situation also but then Latavia decides to put her two cents in also…



  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 7 days

    LOL @ ev everyone in confusion! The androgynous look has been around for a loooooooooooong time. Has nothing to do with “who started it.”

  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 7 days


  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 7 days

    What’s with Solange’s typing skills?

  • Sissy

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  • lola_uk

    i, personally, don’t see what the big fuss is all about.
    i think she looks cute. i like solange because she’s not so concerned with what people make of her.

  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 7 days


    Now Mel B should be banned from making any hair decisions for her child for life!



    Go cut your hair that way….please

  • lola_uk

    and who is this “latvia” person? she’s not even famous so how would she “know”, as she said?

  • Dnice

    Latavia is just hating because she ain’t been on anybody’s radar since she left Destiny’s child. She is a distant memory.

  • Angel

    I know thas right Solange. LOL. F#*! EM. I knew she’d come back. She dont give a …. Errybody always tryna judge folk on why they do what they do.
    to them: DO U and jus shet the hell up

  • Re----->Rio de Janeiro bound in 7 days

    @Nikki Underwood

    Just in case the sides of my head get hot? But what about the middle and the top?

  • Angee


    You better than her, at least you don’t put periods after every word. :D

  • http://bossip miss dior

    LaTaviaRoberson…this is America, and everyone has right or choice to do whatever they want… are you jealous, you not getting any attention yourself?

  • QB

    lol too funny

  • lola_uk

    @ dahonesttruth, i agree 100%.
    this is her natural hair, why should she feel ashamed?

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