Ne-Yo’s New Jawn: “Your Girl Is A Hoe”… WTF?

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We have a new song from Ne-Yo entitled, Your Girl Is a Hoe. The title alone is two folds more aggressive than Ne-Yo is himself, although the song is soft like his feelings.

Pop it to get a listen and tell us what you think


  • SDC418


  • SDC418

    always wanted to say that – even though its completely ridiculous. lol

  • KG

    ewww no wonder he went bald

  • danielle

    no wonder he is always wearing those damn hats. His hairline is messed up

  • hope4more

    Don’t need damn titles like that Ne-Yo , just sit down and make good music.


    lol this song is funny and the fact that its a slow song makes it even more hilarious

  • Ty2phien

    Neyo still Killed that Michael jackson Lady in my life, that performance put him MILES ahead of every kat in the game.

  • lacey

    uhh dont like it..

  • Lyrics


  • lakeshow

    I like this song! The music is right and it applies to all women who are indeed hoes and believe me, there are a whole lot of you out there! Kick it Ne-Yo!!!

  • CoCoa Gyal

    Wow, very unexpected from NeYo, the song itself is kind’ve lame tho..

  • lakeshow

    Even in the face of the rumors, I am not so sure Ne-Yo is gay. He was quoted recently in Essence: “I always say that if anybody feels that I might be gay, leave your girl with me for a night and ask her about the whole thing. It’s as simple as that”.

  • grant

    that song is actually hot…I ain’t gon’ hate…but question is how does he know? He’s runnin’ around with dudes anyway???

  • Tsk Tsk

    Wonder which one of his bois he wrote that for? hmmm…lol

  • Confused

    Is that a mug shot? What’s up with his hairline!?

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