Are You Feelin This Get Up??: Tichina Arnold

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Even though Tichina Arnold has been looking quite lovely lately, we are not quite sure what went down when she chose this frock and open-toe boot ensemble for the 4th day of LA’s Fashion Week. Yeah, yeah, it’s Fashion Week, but that is no excuse for her toes to be out like that.  She’s bringing back that tacky Pam steez.

More Fashion Week pics:

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SMH at Shar Jackson and her Easter fit.

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  • Lauren

    1st…and no

  • BiG Mike


  • beautiful b

    oh hell no…2nd?

  • beautiful b

    that sux

  • SoSo

    I dont know which outfit is worst her’s or shar’s



  • beautiful b

    and shar jackson looks a hot red mess too. this is fashion week? oh LA….i get it now.

  • TT


  • yamisofly

    No I dont like it.

  • me888

    ack, NO WAY. looks like a bad Home Ec. project.


    Yeah tacky!


    Shar is a hot damn mess, as usual

  • bree

    LMFAO! Her toes are screaming @ her boots!

  • victory is mine

    at least her toes are done and she’s not ashy…but this is awful…

  • Tisha

    My analysis:

    -Tichina Arnold look more than a hott mess. Everything from the bell sleeves on the “blazer” to the frill underneath the dress, to those dayum country a$$ sandals. She gets 5 tickets and a go to jail card for that GET UP.

    – Shar Jackson…..the infamous, looks tacky every where she goes, Shar…..not much to be said her except she looks like she has a straight FOREVER 21 GET UP on.

    -The beautiful Miss. Milian….. Looking OH SO FLY might I say.

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