CoCo vs. Black Women on How To Keep a Man: Part 1

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Coco recently did a blog post entitled ‘How to Keep Your Man Satisfied’ and some Black women took offense to the content.

Coco has shot back:

Let me start off by commenting on the first blog I did recently. Even though there’s a lot of love and people by my side… I can’t believe what hatred other people hold. You know who you are…My blogs are intended to be fun, light-hearted thoughts that are on my mind. I’m not speaking for anybody but my own experience. I do not pretend or claim to be an authority on how anyone else should live their life. So why would my blog on “How To Keep A Man” be controversial? Yes, my suggestions may or may not be your cup of tea but its definitely worked for me. I’m very satisfied and happy with my husband,working on a decade of marriage. What I was astonished by was how many people mentioned race, like it was a black and white thing. Not once did I mention color. This was a piece about making your man happy, why would the color of your skin have anything to do with it? I can be the color green and that still doesn’t change the way I love and care for my man.

Although working on a 10 year marriage is cool, we think being “easy going,” having an artificial body, and blonde hair have more to do with keeping Ice T than anything. Oh yeah, her brain game is probably on point too; Ice T probably keeps her jaws extremely busy. SMH.


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  • BlackDiamondcenter


  • asdgadg

    Black women can’t handle the truth…………

  • LeahLeah

    Ummm handle the truth about what?? Why do these prostitutes(COCO/SupaHead) continue to come out with books and blogs on how to keep a man??

    As long as your head game is on point,you’re good.
    Nice and to the point. Why is it neccessary to come out with books and blogs???

  • Victor Newman

    Alot of black women got upset because she does things for her man, that alot of them “black women” wouldn’t do, because they think too much of themselves, and feels guilty that someone else of another race is pointing that out. So instead of them being LOGICAL, and saying “you know what there may be some truth in what CoCo is saying, I have tried doing it my way on every single one of my relationships, I did it my momma way, my aunts way and etc…. and it has not work at all, so let me try someone else way!” but instead of doing that yall black women gets upset. Black women listen to me, STOP LETTING YOUR PRIDE AND EGO GET IN FRONT OF YOUR COMMON SENSE!

  • Dboy

    Its so true black woman always bitter always hating why? Why cant black woman just handle the truth like any other woman in any other race. Wake up my black woman stop being so bitter.

  • SDC418

    what i wanna know is why is there no men writing blogs or books about how to keep and satisfy a woman? things that make you go hmmm…it’s as if woman are always bearing the onus of making the so-called relationship work. what about what men need to do to keep the relationship alive and fresh with the ladies in their lives?

  • Bee

    mekamac = Perfect example of a bitter b*tch LOL

  • Sissy

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  • georgian woman

    Anyone who felt offended or upset is straight jealous. Leave it up to idiots to make her statement an “issue.” I read what she said and too heat to it. Truth is, i don’t know of many happy couples, but if this is the helpful, then many should consider it. Lastly, WHO CARES IF ANYTHING ON ANYONE IS “ARTIFICIAL?” Ladies, Gentlemen!!!!! don’t be shallow or a hater>

  • Kim Anderson

    Now everybody and their mother has relationship advice! Oh please!


    Well I didn’t read the article. However I think when you are in a relationship you should do as much as possible to keep eachother happy. If that means doing stuff you’d never imagine to spice things up so be it. My moto is “I’ll try it once(with the exception of 2 things) if I like it I’ll do it again, if not at least I tried” lol!


    I agree @ Toppcatt, well said!

  • greedy habit

    black women are quick to call someone else fake when they are the ones walking around with synthetic weaves in there heads. hahaha now that’s fake

  • ToppCatt

    Thanks Amber!

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