CoCo vs. Black Women on How To Keep a Man: Part 1

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Coco recently did a blog post entitled ‘How to Keep Your Man Satisfied’ and some Black women took offense to the content.

Coco has shot back:

Let me start off by commenting on the first blog I did recently. Even though there’s a lot of love and people by my side… I can’t believe what hatred other people hold. You know who you are…My blogs are intended to be fun, light-hearted thoughts that are on my mind. I’m not speaking for anybody but my own experience. I do not pretend or claim to be an authority on how anyone else should live their life. So why would my blog on “How To Keep A Man” be controversial? Yes, my suggestions may or may not be your cup of tea but its definitely worked for me. I’m very satisfied and happy with my husband,working on a decade of marriage. What I was astonished by was how many people mentioned race, like it was a black and white thing. Not once did I mention color. This was a piece about making your man happy, why would the color of your skin have anything to do with it? I can be the color green and that still doesn’t change the way I love and care for my man.

Although working on a 10 year marriage is cool, we think being “easy going,” having an artificial body, and blonde hair have more to do with keeping Ice T than anything. Oh yeah, her brain game is probably on point too; Ice T probably keeps her jaws extremely busy. SMH.


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