Scary Spice Wants to Get Knocked Up by Her K-Fraud

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Damn, little Angel Iris isn’t even one yet, and this broad is yearning for more:

“Mel is desperate to have another child. She has been broody since she married Stephen in Las Vegas last June. But she wasn’t able to start trying for a baby because of the tour. She loves Stephen and her career is finally taking off in the States. She feels like it is the right time for a child.”

Well at least this time, she will know that the baby’s daddy will even acknowledge the baby’s existence, instead of coming up with wack ass excuses like Eddie Murphy.



  • bree

    NOOOOOO! don’t do it Mel, don’t do it!

  • bree

    1st& 2nd?

  • bree

    lol ok im done

  • We Got to do Better!

    Where do these “sources” come from? This sounds stupid! :(


    dude look wierd…

    i hate wierd lookin cats

  • that's "Ms.Probation Agent" to you!!!

    please don’t have no kids with that ninja turtle looking dude.

  • Lisa

    He looks like he just passed a smelly fart.


  • Southern Belle 225

    Her husband looks suspect as hell! but oh well, if she wants another child she should have one. She definately has the money so go for it Mel B!

  • Keif K

    Fam look weak as hell


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  • Reshawn

    yikes .. she better get a c-section – if the kids head is anything like dad’s head then OUCH!!

  • Chucky

    She’s got the cash, have another one!

  • The Bear

    What does her hubbie do? Never heard of him.

  • Kelly

    So all three of her kids will have different daddies…a shame.

    None of them will look anything alike.

  • Atlas

    She looks stank as always and that is one ugly ass nikkuh. There, I said it.

  • Lady Architect

    Chill out Mel…have fun with you little one first and go through your whole tour before having another baby.

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