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Halle Berry on her relationship with the father of her unborn child:

“I’ll never marry again. I have a good healthy love for myself and love in my life. I no longer feel the need to be someone’s wife and I don’t need to validation of a marriage certificate. Gabriel’s a wonderful person and I’m just happy I’ve found someone really special to have a baby with. In a way I feel more married than I ever felt in two marriages. Gabriel and I have decided to redefine marriage for ourselves.”

In other words…



  • a


  • Da R

    is she EVER gonna have that baby?

  • Onlinefan

    She will be a good mom. There is a special forum about her at interracialconnect.com which is a niche interracial dating site. It is built by her fan. They are discussing the babe’s name

  • Babegyrl

    In other words……………….

    That’s just my baby daddy!


  • a

    honestly it’s not traditional, but if that’s what works for the two of them thennnnn, on the other hand it seems like an excuse.

  • bree

    lol @ that’s just my baby daddy..i hear the song..

    Halle looks like she is about to POP!

  • Fulani

    Yes, please I hope she does not marry this guy (or any guy) and protects her money. I believe in marriage, but not a third time.


    In other words, I’m not paying no fn alimony to another cheating man.

  • that's "Ms.Probation Agent" to you!!!

    marriage ain’t what it used to be….just ask the soon to be former Mrs. Eliott Spitzer.

  • Blacksmith

    Legal papers, court fees, maybe she’s trying to avoid all that if it doesn’t work out? Who knows, glad she’s happy.

  • mjoylaw

    Halle sayin fcuk the bs let me just get to the point. He makes me happy and we’re havin a baby and that’s what’s up. As long as he continues to make me happy and be worthy of me and the baby he’ll be here. So fcuk the dumb stuff it don’t mean anything anyway..been there done that, got the t shirt, mug and key chain, and now I got WHAT WORKS

  • Me

    I think it’s a sad state of affairs when we reduce the sanctity of marriage to a piece of paper.

  • Narkotic5 Anonymou5

    Halle aint’ Stupid…Thats My Girl

  • Lyte Bright

    he not gonna commit…..she found a sperm donor who she knows and sometimes hangs out with

  • Monster's Ball(Make me feel gooood)

    In other words….Gabriel auditioned for the part of sperm donor and he got the part. The job includes occassional public photo ops, hollywood functions and interviews. I wish I had his job.

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