GOP Thugs: Florida Politician Caught Slapping Man Who Took Down One Of His Campaign Signs

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Florida Politician Caught Slapping Man Who Took Down Sign

A republican Florida politician has been caught slapping a man attempting to take down one of his campaign signs reports Gainesville:

The day Gainesville police released a 33-minute video that shows state Rep. Keith Perry hitting a man as they argued over a campaign sign, Perry emailed a public apology, calling the incident a “silly disagreement.”

The agency released the video of the Saturday argument as well as a narrative of the events and the initial incident report.

Perry, who hadn’t returned calls since Monday, sent an email to The Sun shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday, explaining his role in the altercation. The email said he would be available to speak to the media Thursday.

“Anyone who knows me, knows that it takes quite a bit to rile me up. What began as a silly disagreement over a legal campaign yard sign — that was authorized by the owner to be placed in his yard — escalated, and for my part in that, I apologize,” the email read.

Perry said he approached Norman Robert Leppla, 46, in “good faith” to talk to him about a sign he’d removed from the gate of a home Leppla was visiting and at one point, Leppla agreed to put the sign back where he found it.

Leppla, who has not returned calls about the incident, told police he went to put the sign back, but removed it a second time after he said Perry made rude comments to him, according to his sworn complaint.

GOP real thugs!!!!!!

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