Did Safaree Just Confirm The Game’s Claim That Meek Mill Ratted Out His Cheating To Nicki Minaj?

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Safaree Responds To The Game’s Meek Mill Diss

By now you already know The Game and Meek Mill are beefing over some confusion around snitching and Sean Kingston’s snatched chains. But up to this point it’s mainly been meme banter, fun with photoshop, and Twitter shots.

The Game finally took the battle off Instagram and onto a track — the same “Ooouuu” track Meek first dissed Game with — called “Pest Control.” Get it? Because Meek is a “rat?” Anyway, take a listen:

Out of the multiple shots Game rook at meek…one in particular stood out among he rest — his claim that Meek Mill wiggled into Nicki’s heart by exposing Safarree’s infidelity the D’Angelo Russell way….

“Now tell the world how you got yo b*tch/
You Facetimed Nicki While Safaree was f**kin a chick.”

Now, that could have just been made up for dramatic effect. But The Game brought his receipts. He made sure to highlight that line in particular on his account today, with a throwback pic pointing out that Safaree and Meek were definitely chummy at some point…

And to drive the point home…Safaree responded with what basically reads as CONFIRMATION that this is precisely how it went down:


INTERESTING. Well it looks like his snitch plan worked, because Nicki loves her some Meek an clearly doesn’t care what anyone has to say about it. But we’re still curious…under what circumstance was Meek was close enough to Safaree getting it in with a chick to be able to show it to Nicki on FT?

To make matters EVEN worse…check out how Game tagged the pic:


Just petty. WELP the Ball is back in Meeky’s court…


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