No, A Florida Man Did NOT Marry His Granddaughter But These Credible Media Outlets Believed The Fake Story

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Florida Man Did Not Marry His Granddaughter

A lot of crazy things happen in Florida but one fake story making its way across news sites has showed that not everything you read online is true.

A “news source” by the name of Florida Sun Post recently reported a story about a 68-year-old Miami millionaire who married his young granddaughter after finding out they were related. The fake story spread faster than a thick azz stripper at a Drake party…


Funnily enough, the Florida Man Twitter account was the first to blast Complex and other credible media outlets for running the ridiculous story:


Drudge Report too:


And all these very credible news sites…

We all know viral stories are good for clicks but there’s something wrong with the state of journalism when a parody site is controlling the climate of our news cycle.


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