Plastic Surgery: Kim Kardashian’s Nose…

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kim and ocean

If you guys want to see Kim’s old Pinocchio nose before the plastic surgery, just pop the top. kims nose

Nothing was wrong with this nose… SMH


  • Sexy&Smart

    it was OK the original way, looked more natural.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Who’s bad?

  • mydixiewrecked

    fake nose or not the chick is still bad

  • Jasmine

    It looks the same to me.

  • That_Chick

    stupesss her damn nose aint look dat damn different.It jjust look like a different angle!

  • Lady J

    I just don’t see a difference in these pics…She’s a beautiful woman…Halle Berry has a nose job too…

  • Stargurl

    i don’t think its fake….my mom wen she was younger she had a lil bit of a wider nose and now that she has matured and lost weight her nose looks thiner…it happens, wen u lose ur baby fat and grow a bit!! i don think she got her nose done, this is a pointless post

  • Just Me

    She looks more ethnic with her original nose….like she really could be Armenian. Now she just looks white. I dont know what it is about these ethnic women wanting to look like a certain standard of beauty. Lil Kim is the worst offender of this!


    Kim looks good…but I liked the old nose better.

  • shay

    I dont see the difference

  • sexylexis has michael vick in a figure four leg lock

    She HAD a nose job in that pic but it came out slightly crooked so she had another to correct it.

  • Angel D.

    Looks the same to me.. Probably just the angle, or you know make-up can do tricks also..

  • rose by any other name

    Brooklyn… whats up~~~ your comment yesterday about “even you” didnt sit right with me but thats ok, i never brag i just take the compliments i get in stride~~~ hummm wondering where that came from from you~~~~~~

  • MelloSmooth

    Stop hatin Kim is beautiful and it looks like the same damn nose.

  • Hey Hey

    She ain’t get no damn nose job!
    It looks the same.

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