Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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The week is starting off on an interesting note for Diddy:

After nearly two years, Sean “Diddy” Combs completed his deposition last week in the $130 million civil lawsuit stemming from the 1999 Club New York shooting that sent the Bad Boy CEO’s former protégé, Shyne, to prison. Natania Reuben, who filed the suit, claims the Bad Boy CEO and Shyne (Jamal Barrow, who changed his name in 2006 to Moses Michael Leviy in honor of his Jewish heritage), among others, are responsible for the injuries she suffered that night as a result of the gunfire. Reuben was shot in the face during the melee.

On the night of December 27, 1999, Shyne, Diddy, Diddy’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and others were at the now-defunct Club New York. A man named Matthew “Scar” Allen approached Diddy’s crew and then tossed a wad of money toward them, taunting the Bad Boy top dog. Reports conflict over what exactly happened next. Shots were fired and three people were hit, causing patrons to hurriedly exit the night spot. Clubgoers fingered Shyne as the shooter, but the rapper argued that a member of Allen’s entourage fired first. Diddy and Lopez escaped the scene in a car, and their driver ran several traffic lights while getting away.

The civil trial could be the first time Shyne, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found guilty on five charges — including assault in the first degree — would testify about the events that took place that night, Michelen revealed. During the criminal trial, Shyne declined to take the stand. However, a situation could result where Diddy would have to pay up and then seek financial compensation from his one-time recording artist Shyne. The club management and the security firm were also named in the civil lawsuit, as was Bad Boy Entertaintment, in addition to Diddy and Shyne.

“Mr. Combs was acquitted by a jury of all charges related to this 1999 incident and we are confident that he will prevail in this civil lawsuit.”



  • herpesfinder

    I love him! But Some one told me he maybe have an STD becuase there is a dating profile with his photo at , its true?

  • SoSo

    dammmit 1st

  • shangshine

    i don’t like Diddy. he just is a dude. i saw his profile on a dating site named that is a dating site!!! i don’t know what he is thinking about.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Damn Diddy, this isn’t your week is it?! LOL

  • da darkness

    i here that. money is important

  • Cage

    Diddy is a straight coward. Free Shyne-Po.

  • Mimi

    Diddy will get his, sooner or later. Wouldnt it be some ish if Shyne revenges his 10 yrs in Rikers with cuttin 10+ yrs off Diddys time? Cage is right, Diddy is a coward. Bonnie + Shyne for life!!!

    P.S. Boycott the Olympics in China!! Free Tibet!

  • JAD

    @cage. I agree

  • I'm Just Me


    Puffy is full o’shyt! I am tired of his @$$.


  • I'm Just Me

    @ Just Play it…I just looked it up:

    His Parole Eligibilty date is 10/6/09

    If not his max out is: 3/12/11

  • Big Mike

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  • tj

    How ghetto. For somebody who is supposed to own a luxury line he sure acts mad niggrish. No wonder they don’t let him in Bungalow or Prive who wants to be around all of that. If I walked in and saw his lil crew I would turn around and walk right out. He needs to stick to parties in the hamptons where he can throw them and invite anyone and everyone he wants.

  • lovely and amazing

    @ tj

    It has been a long time since I’ve heard the word “niggrish”. Indeed a strong word and ironically appropriate here. Sean Combs has certainly misused and mischannelled his power.

    I hope Shyne can use and channel his energy to move forward and up and not lose focus trying to avenge an immoral coward like Sean Combs.

  • Annie

    Wow, she got shot in the face?! There’s a lower burden of proof in a civil trial, and I’m betting that Diddy will have to pay up. When shoot someone in the face, then you have to pay.

  • Lia H

    @ Big Mike

    THank you for shedding some light on some folks who are still sleep.

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