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This advertisement of Lil Wayne for Strapped Condoms is a lot less suggestive than the previous one with him and the cop looking like they were playing butt darts, but it’s still a little iffy nonetheless.




    1??? FAW

  • Lyte Bright

    this one is alot better. a lil suspect, but better…..

  • Built2Bully

    First off, I don’t like LiL wayne…ok, i got that out the wy….. why don’t the maketers and creative directors don’t see this is beyond me… How simple would it be to have A FEMALE COP in the promotions…

  • Kdogg©

    I guess this is more of a story than Obama’s counterpunch to the naysayers.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    at least this time the “cop” actually as a badge…

    at the moment all I can think about is Kat William in Friday after Next….”you was just gone take it, won’t you??”

  • lil latte

    Will it come in cough syrup flavor???

  • BoughieBeech

    Still kinda shady!

  • bree

    OK..this can come off another way as well. Maybe he should stop approving stuff while he is high.


    i dont get it… is the cop arresting for safe sex?

  • Jubeisan


  • N@T

    There is nothing HOMO about the ads? Does/did anyone watch cops? They do it all the time…but safe sex is the theme and it should DEFINITELY be promoted…big up’s to Weezy for taking this stand. How many other rappers do you see rapping about sleeping around while they promote safe sex?!?!?!

  • NoWay

    lil latte

    Will it come in cough syrup flavor???


  • Doc

    too litle too late weezy already got bang either by this police or Baby.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    The ad shots suck!!! He needs to consult with a better ad company.

  • MzTee

    This ad isn’t much better than the first. It still has a homoerotic undertone. I work in marketing/advertising and the overall creative of the ad campaign is crappy from the artwork to the message, which is diluted because they’re trying to be too dang literal with the word ‘strapped.’

    Old boy needs to find a better advertising agency that is known for its creative because this is straight garbage.

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