Eminem Rides on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey In New Diss Track: “That Goes for Nick too…F*ckin F*ggot”

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Damn, y’all.  Eminem rides on Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. He is saying in the song that he chopped Mariah “way” down and he ain’t scared of Nick Cannon. Hell, the song is 3:20 and has features from Mariah’s voice mail calls. Pop it and see him talk all kind of bad about Mariah & Nick…

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Mariah and Nick… Please , do not respond. This is what this guy does for a living.


  • Love


  • ninaprb

    can’t nobody fck wit eminem when it comes to dissin!

  • ghazali


  • What must we do!

    i siad it the whole time i believed him… Mariah seemd like she was the one that was obsessed

  • shar

    Why Mariah did you go out with Eminem?

  • http://na scruffy

    damn..this is a serious diss, however, this is jus a way for em to be relevent in hip hop right now..nobody’s checkin for this guy anymore. this is a weezy drake n jay era…em’s time has passed. him and 50

  • ghazali

    Em is well obsessed. who keep voicemails for 8 years????????? a psycho thats who! Mariah’s song ‘Clown’ says it all. I pray he gets the help that he so needs…

  • blackbeltshopper

    Why did she even bother? He was holding the cards and you knew it…I would’ve just stayed MUTE & fly!!

  • Mariah Should Have Married Em

    Big deal she banged Em. Why was she ashamed and lied about it? He’s one of the most successful recording artists ever and he’s not ugly. If Mariah was smart she should have let Em wife her, they would have been the richest partnership in music. But she settled for easy non-threatening Nick. Mariah plays black and marries white (Nick is the white boy in this situation) and Em checked her for being ashamed of thug lovin’.

  • MariahFan

    F**K EMINEM, Mariah knows how to fire him up. People really think this is gonna hurt MARIAH???? He’s not saying anything new!!!! Calling a girl Bit** and S**t aint a diss. Mariah knows how to get at him!!!

  • http://bossip satin


  • shar

    @ Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    “That’s real “tough”, go hard at a Pop/R&B Singer that does nothing but sing about love & butterflies and wears pink like a elementary school

    What a great quote – Mariah needs you in her corner doing her pr.

  • smh

    he is so pressed

  • http://Bossip Camry02

    Why would Mariah even thinking about messing with this fool?/??/?

    He dissed his own Moma in one of his songs. I must give him his props and say he is not to be reckoned with…..he’s been laying low for too long.

  • sixfoota


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