*Exclusive* Still Getting It In Alert: Ciara and 50 Cent

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A BOSSIP insider and close friend of the couple say that Ciara and No Cents have been chopping for a minute, but do not like the press involved.

I just talked to 50 and he said to keep it under wraps, but him and Ciara…… are still together. They are coming out with something soon to show the world their affection for each other. It has been an off and on relationship with both of them taking time from the relationship for their careers. When ever they see each other, the two continue from where they left off. Now that they are getting older, the two are taking their relationship a lot more serious and will be going public in the near future.

We knew 50 was chopping up CiCi’s cakes before; however, we thought that was water under the bridge.  The two have not been seen together in a minute, but you know how Hollyweird does it…Wonder if 50 is feeling her pecks. SMH

50 and cici


  • BlackDiamondcenter

    ist …..2 men getting it in

  • nobody cares


  • BlackDiamondcenter

    1st…again hahhahhah

  • Resurrected

    It is very funny 50 gets a older woman like Vivca and totally disses her but love himself some Ciara and he is know to be disrepect to mostly everyone…

  • Be Original

    Ciara….I’d stay away…far away. 50 seems sooooo gay to me.

  • Fashionized Diva


  • Hawt Ass Mess

    Im sure they both like to take turns biting pillows.

  • Philly

    Not a fan of either…but Let them live. i hope it works for them.

  • Poked in the Morning...

    50 can do better. He needs a feminine looking woman, not THAT

  • Ryan Coke

    “I just talked to 50 and he said to keep it under wraps, but —“

    Nice close friend.


    2 men getting it in
    LMFAO you could not have said it better

  • Meggie Letterman

    I guess, I would have put THIS under the jail…limited cent, looks like a DOG in heat standing in 98 degree weather. Pass.

  • Hawt Ass Mess

    I thought 50 cent was about to come out of the closet???
    Isnt that new wig Ciarra rockin really 50’s?

  • BlackDiamondcenter

    @ truth …..lololol …you feel me!!!!

  • LeahLeah

    He likes her because she looks like a MAN!

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