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Chilli and her baby hair are featured in the April ’08 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine where she addresses her former relationship with Usher and his mom:

“There’s really nothing to clear about it. Jonnetta and I are friends. We’ve always been friends. Usher knows that. I know that he doesn’t have a problem with it; it doesn’t have anything to do with his life right now. We’ve been over for like four years–probably over four years. It’s been a long time. We just didn’t work out. I can tell you this: with everybody thinking that Confessions was about our relationship, it had absolutely nothing to do with our relationship. We were together when he was recording that album. I was in the studio with him on most of those songs. So I guess people just don’t do the math with it all.

We broke up because we just did not work, and that’s it. It’s funny to me that people are still fascinated with the situation since it’s been dead for so long. I guess we were just ‘that’ couple–one of the couples that people like. So in the consumer world, if they like something they like and if it’s over, they don’t want it to be over. I guess it’s like me being a little mad at Dawn from EnVogue for leaving (laughs). You know what I’m saying? I’m like, man, you messed up my group! So you know, maybe people look at it like that. I don’t know.”

Damn, is it really possible for someone to look the EXACT same 15 years later? Chilli is a beautiful woman, but would it hurt to spice it up a bit? She has been rockin that same hairstyle since the early 90’s for chrissakes.

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