Seen on the Scene: Ne-Yo Kicks it With Broads in ATL

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Ne-Yo was spotted partying in Atlanta recently. Why is he licking his tongue at that torpedo tittied-cottage cheese cheeked chick like that? Pure comedy.

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  • Angel


  • Proud ArmyWifee



  • Angel

    Yall know you gonna hit that on the low so stop trying to front…cottage cheese whatever someone would still hit it

  • statim08

    Lippy got a problem?

  • dayg715

    he’s really working overtime to try to convince the world that he’s straight. SMH.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    ne-yo was about to split that hoe

  • Creole Baby doesn't care about Wack People

    oh my

  • sexylexis has michael vick in a figure four leg lock

    NeYo is gay. When he goes out and is pictured with a woman he is always going the extra mile to make it seem like he likes them. For example, lifting up 500 lb women on the dance floor, sticking his tongue out, etc.

  • Arasiam


    Get on ’em!

  • black gold


  • AJ

    I mean maybe you don’t understand what it is like to be called gay/dike all the time. This man is someones son,brother,uncle and cousin and they have computers with internet and see something like this and some of the gay things they say about this guy on these blogs can make them wonder about him. So now this guy family members are probably walking up to him or calling him asking him if he’s gay or not. Do you know how embarrassing that is? I mean he probably gone through something with his girlfriend and need some space for now.I mean, kids are commiting suicide because other kids are calling them gay and other names.I wonder who they got it from(this site and other sites that calling people like Ne-Yo gay).Come on people act like adults give kids a good example and stop calling people something that they’re not.


    I saw that coming a mile away.

  • AJ

    Anyway, did anyone get that Jeremih CD. The beats on the CD is hot.

  • Pimp Or Die

    @ AJ

    Nicely written

    Ne-Yo is still gay…

  • AJ

    Then your gay too Pimp or DIe

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