The Term “Alt-Right” Normalizes Racist Hate Groups So Stop Saying It!

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Alt-Right Just Means Racist Neo-Nazi Hate Groups

Why the hell are people trying to normalize white supremacy and hatred? The LA Times recently checked their usage of the term “alt-right” after readers blasted the paper for trying to endear white nationalists to the masses.

The Sunday piece on “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer and his National Policy Institute was such is an incredible misstep for your paper. For one, there’s the photo you used to accompany the piece online and on social media — are you sure this isn’t about HBO’s “Entourage” or Esquire magazine’s hottest bartender of 2016?

The normalization of Spencer is not OK.

Another reader called out the paper for ‘whitewashing’ racism

I am very concerned about the use of the term “alt-right.” This term was coined to make racism and white supremacy palatable to the American public. The continued use of it whitewashes the hate and bigotry and is a slap in the face to all minorities and citizens.

I ask you to refrain from using “alt-right” and to illuminate this movement for what it really is: racism.


The media has been caught romanticizing racism in the hopes of getting clicks while appeasing Trump fans in the process. What do you think of the term ‘alt-right’ and how it’s been used after the election cycle? Sound off in the comment section below.


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