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chrisbrown concert2

Chris Brown performed in Paris recently with no shirt on and his pants about to fall off.

View more pics of C Breezy now…

chrisbrown concertchris.brown.londonchris.brown.london2chris.brown.london3


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  • valenne



  • valenne

    oh yes, i am first, so what do i win??

  • valenne

    then, i m second too, waouhh, where my stan at??

  • valenne

    oh i cannot believe it, iam third too, for real!!

  • Onlinefan

    He is handsome ,I like him.I heard something interesting about him at a niche interracial dating site named interracialconnect.com.U may get it there.

  • shine

    i can’t believe it. he is a dude. i saw his profile(there are some girls in bikini with him) on a dating site named INTerracialmatch dotcom/photo/blackchats which for interracial singles.

  • Southern Belle 225

    I like young Breezy but I am going to need for him to keep that bird cage covered at all times!

  • beautiful b

    so lovely…but he need to do some pull ups…or whatever excercise it is that gives men those cut up shoulder and pecs.

  • NotoriousOne

    Does anyone here have old enough kids to ask them what the appeal is in wearing your pants damn near down to your ankles? Where’s the style in showing your underwears?

  • beautiful b

    hey i heard that rhianna and chris b was a publicity stunt. she is using him to hype her career….IE doing music with him and having him on tour brings in a lot oh horney teens hich mean more money for rhi-rhi. if so heifa is hella smart. she can only dance under that umbrella for so long.

  • Anonymous

    I agree notoriousone. Anyone swooning and drooling over that has to be young and not know any better. There is nothing appealing about a child wearing his pants under his butt. No respectable adult would do such a thing.


    he sexi….lemme stop damn im only 23…


    i hand chris brown to my sisters…hmm here ya go..lol

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    It would serve him well to pump it up a little. Not only is he thin, but he’s a little flabby. Hitting the gym 3 days a week would help him.

  • and another one...

    @ 6 Figgas im with u on that one, hope he don’t share diddy’s other ‘preferences’

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