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Here is another pic of Rihanna performing in Latvia the other day, but instead of a nice ass shot, she’s getting it from the front and the back. In other Rihanna news, she makes her friends ride economy while she rides first class:

Rihanna arrived at the British capital’s Gatwick airport with a small entourage of close friends, but when their flight number was called, Rihanna parted company with her clan to head for the luxury cabin. However, Rihanna made sure she wasn’t entirely cut off from her economy pals during the flight – she kept sending messages to them via air stewardesses.

A passenger says, “She arrived in the departure lounge wearing huge dark sunglasses, but everyone knew it was her. She was with her best friend and a few other people. At first I didn’t think it was strange when her friends boarded the plane first – I thought she might be waiting behind because of security. “But her friend sat next to us in economy while Rihanna was living it up in first class. Rihanna kept sending the air stewardess down to her friend and the rest of her entourage with messages.” When Rihanna touched down in Barbados, Prime Minister David Thompson was waiting to welcome her – while a steel band played her hits Umbrella and Don’t Stop The Music.





  • Snickers Marley

    so what! they don’t have a problem with it…they must like it!

  • Passion

    I’m tired of her! lol But first!


    Oh God! Having no talent really pays of in the industry!

  • K-ten

    man, I’m not hating, but to me its like she’s trying to hard!!!!

    like ive been saying, she should be a model, not a singer. she doesnt have to try hard for that.

  • bey's a beast

    i hope this happens to her (clik my name)

  • Me

    money would do that to you!

  • So what

    So what. she probably paid for their tickets.


    no nothing special at all

  • Bajan Citizen

    she was cocky ever since that hit “pon de replay” was released

  • Jahpson

    so what? she is a star, they are the help.

  • Crymeboss

    Why does she have to pay the entorage passage in first class?? Unless it comes out of her record labels pockets they would be flying coach like they should. Rihanna most likely dont have the G4 or G5 money yet (or dont wanna spend that cheese on it). BTW g4 and G5 are jets usally private. So until she moves units like Witney or Mariah or even Mary them tagalongs ride coach, like they should.

  • Marsha

    Im sure they aint complaining

  • Marsha

    i wouldn’t lol

  • MsTalent

    “Why does she have to pay the entorage passage in first class?? Unless it comes out of her record labels pockets they would be flying coach like they should.”


    If the record does pick up the tab, that most definitely is coming out of Rhianna’s pocket! The record company fronts the money for everything, but best believe they recoup the money from the artist!

  • kimmy

    She looks like a hooker! I’m sure she has had many trains ran on her! She is trying waaaaaaaaaaay to hard! She looks like a child prostitute!

    SMH@ leaving her ‘friends’!

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