Soulja Boy Going to College???

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Our girl, Devi Dev, from 93.5 caught up with Soulja Toy backstage at the BET Awards. Soulja says he wants to go to college…

Pop it and watch it

Yesterday, Soulja Boy responded to the media bashing him about  his new lambo chain/toy.

“1ST OF ALL I didn’t pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present from my jeweler when I turned 19 on July 28!,” he wrote in a statement. “Even if I did pay for it who are you to judge me on what I purchase with MY money? Why do the media blow up the things that they think will make me look stupid or ignorant. Why not publicize or put me in the spotlight when I do positive things?…Why not step in when Ice-T was dissing me why not call up and have a sit down to squash that beef. THINK ABOUT IT A 40 YEAR OLD SOMETHING GANGSTA N*GGA VS. A 16 YEAR OLD KID (AT THE TIME). What if he really did have O.G. crip n*ggaz that had a price on my head to murder me? WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY TO STEP IN AND STOP THAT? HUH?. you worried about a black diamond chain that I received as a birthday present??? WTF?.What about when me and Tigger was in D.C. buying all those can foods for the homeless??? Why not publicize when them n*ggaz ran in my house and tried to kill me and I had to defend myself and blast they a**. WHY NOT SHOW THAT ON TV???? HUH!???? CUZ U DONT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THE REAL SH*T THATS GOIN BEHIND THE SCENES U WANT EVERYTHING WATERED DOWNED AND FAKE THATS WHY! F*CK THAT! I’m all the way REAL 100.” (Miss Info TV)

Soulja Boy can rant and rave all he wants but at the same time, if he’s trying to promote the good deeds that he does then he needs to do it the same way that he promotes the dumb sh*t. Doesn’t seem like his PR person is making the initiative to get that information to the masses. We understand that he saw a lot of ignorance growing up but at the same time, when a person is exposed to something different then why not show the audience that follows you from day to day things that will allow them to aspire to be more than drug dealers with b*tches, rims, and ice.


  • drenk

    well good for him, i hope he goes through with it

  • DenverChick

    Sounds good…everyone wants to say they went to college or in college but never take it seriously enough to finish college

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  • TestingTesting123

    Good, and take Chris Breezy with you. You can both major in Business Management so nobody can rip you off, and you’ll sound like you know what you are talking about at business meetings.

  • What's In My Head?

    @ Testing



    He does say a lot of ignorant things…. but not anymore ignorant than any other rapper…i.e. Kanye.

  • CHEY

    @ TestingTesting 123
    I TOTALLY AGREE! I wish these young atars would at least get an associates degree from an accredited school and then break your way into Hollywood. That way if it doesnt happen for you right away, you will have something to fall back on!

  • CHEY

    young stars…

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    @ Testing…& I to agree!!! Enough said!

  • Ms. Littlejohn

    Yeah right.

  • wtfever

    Hope he does and I wish him well. I like Soulja

  • too cute

    he needs to go to college,look at BOW WOW,no longevity in this business,have a back up plan

  • Mock

    Soulja Boi until you start talking about something positive and relevant then the media will continue to clown U.

  • JB (With so many to choose from, which sorority is the best fit for me?

    And he wants to go to college with his vocab skills? SAT scores I predict will be on the low end of the spectrum

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