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Here is a pic of Permed-Up Al and BET’s Debra Lee celebrating Martin Luther King in New York last night.

In other Debra Lee news: Click Here and Here to watch part 1 and part 2 of the banned Boondocks episode that was supposed to air back in January. The episode was to put BET executives Debra Lee and Reginald Hudlin on blast saying that they just recycle old MTV reality shows and make them black.

View more pics under the hood…




    1??? FAW

  • Daddy Nu Pimpin, Swagger Juice Drippin

    The “Poverty Pimp” Al Sharpton

  • Daddy Nu Pimpin, Swagger Juice Drippin


  • Barack's Penis

    B.E.T. offered me my own reality show last month. They were going to call it Washington D.C. or Bust-A-Nut.


    …the hell is the cabbage patch doll poster doin up on the wall….

  • bree

    LOL @ Penis..

    anyways Debra looks really fair in this picture

  • victory is mine

    this episode was funny as hell…and ce-lo was the best playing the al sharpton character….

  • da darkness

    old black brute who stealing Gods peoples money and the venum of the black youth, together and celebrating nothing Dr. King Jr. would have his hands in. Shameful.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @SBM..hey you!

    I’m so mad that Al is still rocking that dry ass perm!

  • Bigfella

    The ep was true, all BET does is recycle MTV and VH1 shows…

  • Sharpton's perm

    I never looked better.

    Now slide some cash in my pocket and i’ll get you some press.

  • He's Presidential

    I saw this yesterday on CL and it was funny. BET SUX

  • Donovan

    What a disgusting picture of two disgusting people. I was very upset last month when Cornel West accepted an award from BET. It just goes to show you how they are buying our ignorance one person at a time. He should have told them to take their award and shove it up their ass. Don’t give me an award and poison my children

  • beautiful b

    two of the most WICKED negroes in the world. people need to wake up and realize the good reverend is still slave minded, our elder think so highley of him but is up to the new school to reveal this slve for what he is….haters go ahead and get mad cause i know plenty of u are still sleeping on this fool.

  • beautiful b

    @ da darkness

    truth!! please speak it again!!

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