Rihanna and Chris Brown Still Rockin’ That Thang

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Chris Brown is going to be sentenced to five years of probation this afternoon for beating the brakes off of Rihanna . RiRi doesn’t feel that the protection order is necessary anymore, so she’s asking that it be removed. That’s no surprise because if they meet up to bang bang and do the damn thang, then it’s against the law. Currently, Chris has to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna unless they are both at an event then it’s 10 yards.

The 21-year-old “Umbrella” singer wants a less-stringent “level one” order, with no distance requirement, her lawyer said.

“Our position has not changed. We still believe a level one is sufficient. It would protect her against Chris annoying, harassing or molesting her in any way,” said Rihanna’s lawyer Donald Etra. “She doesn’t feel it’s necessary [to have a 50-yard buffer].”

Molesting… Why would this be a concern if the two are not dealing with each other. SMH

Here are some pics of Breezy in LAX:


  • K.C.

    they need to pick up the pieces..asap

  • stickitinyourbehind

    yeah so why you so heartbroken over it?

  • tb

    CB is a dumbass…he should run the other way!

  • drenk

    can’t wait til he tees off on her again, maybe then she’ll learn

  • http://twitter.com/mastermk7 MasterMK

    See it is true that Rihanna and Chris are on the down low else get rid of the restraining order.

  • Merk

    Man, I hope Rihanna stays away from him.

  • Missy

    @Oh well…

    I dont think you’re reading wat they’re saying. RHI RHI Wants the Protection Order PULLED! As in she doenst want HIM to be far away from HER. And WTF are u talking about somebody breathing the same air as her, do u have a rhianna shrine in your house or something she’s not a god. She may be yours but She’s no better than the next person.

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    This is sad, hope it is not true.


    She is ucked up in the head. Whatever!


    @ Missy PREACH!

  • http://anonymous@yahoo.com .........

    Good for them , folks need to stay out of their business and move on with their lives ..rihanna and chris are moving on~~

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  • Deron

    What are the both of them thinking? The two of them shouldn’t even be together. Didn’t Rihanna learned from getting beaten up by Chris Breezy? I guess you live and learn with the mistakes you make. SMH. And here I thought Drake had a chance with Riri.

  • as seen on t.v.

    this is not the message she should be sending to young girls who look up to her…if he beat you once (and i don’t believe that was the first time) he will beat you again…damn shame…

  • Late

    As long as Rihanna dont hit him first then Chris dont have no reason to hit her back… Its that simple….

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