Facebook Puts Stalkers in Check with New App! See Who’s Been Seeing You!

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No need to fret about people getting too in touch with your Facebook profile, the creators now have an application that allows users to see who views their page.

Now there’s a way to find out exactly who’s been checking you out all the time on Facebook: Stalker Check.

While the application falls short of tracking pageviews (which would violate Facebook’s privacy policy), Stalker Check does keep track of your friends’ public interactions – including wall posts, comments, likes, gifts and more – to determine which of your buddies is most, um, interested in your life lately.

Another killer feature: You can also track your friends’ biggest fans. In other words, if you think someone is spending too much time on your significant other’s Facebook page, Stalker Check provides some hard evidence.

Damn nigg*as got to find another way to set up chop down time with their JO’s.


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