Where Are My Parents: This Little Blonde Haired Girl Can Groove… A Little Too Much!

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The little blonde haired girl up top is seen in the video under the hood, working-it-out to some Dance Hall. We would not let our 7 year olds dance like this, but whatever.

Pop the top to the see fair skinned girl grooving…AND ON BEAT!

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  • charlieblanko

    first you thirsty hoes…

  • Nique

    LMAO @charlieblanko-not quite buddy! Your throat still dry???

    And that girl is light-skin rocking a wig

  • Mock Rock Star

    I’m on the fence about this one…I don’t encourage the “gyrating”, but I like her other moves. She seems as if she’s from Brazil or somewhere like that…

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    Nothing special and not a good dancer..she has been taught the steps but she is no natural born dancer.

  • paulwhiskey06

    She isnt 7, thats a midget!!

  • Kali

    She needs a whoopin! LOL…Good dancer!! Ha

  • Kami All Day

    Jamaicans have been dancing like this for YEARS.

    I guess when a white person dances and has some rhythm, it’s like the discovery of the 7th wonder of the world.


    It amazes me how white people will talk about black people, and how we dress, how we talk, how we dance….but yet……STEAL everything they talk about.

    *still laughing*

  • Kami All Day

    White people have no culture anyways, so to have something (like thickness and ass, and even rhythm), its like a new found theory.


  • Street butterfly

    It is really the end of days when a caucasian child can dance to reggae and ON BEAT!!!! ….. Wow!!!

  • HoSitDown

    This aint DanceHall, lets get that clear..

  • B

    which eediat fool call this dancehall??

  • wtfever

    I think she can dance and its a cute clip

  • GET IT!

    Dutty Whine is dancehall the music this girl is dancing to is not.

  • Bahia

    HoSitDown is right. This clearly isn’t dancehall. It’s African…soukous or ndombolo.

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