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Terrence Howard in the April issue of Essence Magazine:

I tried to talk to Halle for a bit. Didn’t call me back. Tried to talk to Gabrielle Union. Didn’t call me back, either. I’ve heard it said that I only date White women. The only woman I really love is my wife, and she happens to be White. Who gives a damn? A lot of Black women get upset. You know the fact is, we are human beings.”

“Just because I have Black in me, does that mean I’m going to isolate that and say, okay, the White and Spanish and the Asian that exist in me, I’m not going to recognize?. The reality is, I will never stop being Black. The reality is that no matter what color my eyes are, the thing that makes up the majority of me is Black. So I’m always going to to respect that. But apart from that, I am me.”

Here is the full article: Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3

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