*Exclusive Floyd Mayweather Part 2*: “The Problem With Black People Is We Don’t Stick Together…Marquez, Cotto, And Pacman’s People All Got Their Back”

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We hollered at Floyd Mayweather for another update on training camp, him supposedly ducking fighters, the Tiny(TI’s) lies, and his beef with Rick Ross. Floyd says that Ross is “on his d*ck,” his injury is gone, and much more:

BOSSIP : What are you working on specifically in training camp?

Floyd: Contact now. I am getting a lot stronger and running more miles.  Doing things like pull-ups and sit-ups to strengthen that freak injury I had to my stomach.

BOSSIP: What is different about this training camp?

Floyd: One day at a time…You can be here today and gone tomorrow. Look at Vernon… look at Gatti. I trained with Vernon Forrest his last training session. 40 hours before he was killed. He was a good friend of mine and will be sorely missed. As far as training camp is concerned, I stay with what works and I am doing everything I did before with a couple improvements and specifics.

BOSSIP: People say you are all about money and selfish. What else does Floyd Mayweather stand for?

Floyd: Team Mayweather is the best BOSSIP. They don’t want to show us making sandwiches, feeding the homeless, or at Shady Tree, which is a home for battered women and battered children. They are special as well…People all have set backs, so we give back to them, not the loud mouths screaming for a handout and a freebie. But you don’t hear about that…you only hear about me spending crazy money.

BOSSIP: So you do reach back to the community?

Floyd: All they want to do is show me flashing money. I think as a black man in America, we should all look out for each other. We should stick together… hire each other. Floyd has a predominately black team. I believe in hiring our own and giving back to our own. Me and my kids are giving back to our community and people in need religiously.  What about Vick and Ben Roethlisberger? They will exploit a black man for all his faults, but sweep the “good ole boy’s” mess right under the rug.

BOSSIP: We agree with you there. Why did officer Ross question your money? Your pay days are fact, rappers are fiction and questionable. What is up with that?

Floyd: At one particular time…. let me say this first; I don’t name drop, because Floyd thinks about doing him only, but lets set the record straight on “Mayweather money.” I get cheese for going to Atlanta clubs. I get paid everytime I hit a club as soon as I touchdown on my private jet. The fake money Rick Ross is talking about is money from the club that I went to. They gave me a bag of money and I started throwing it around.  I have a 4 million dollar home and have several million dollar homes. I got around 300 milli in the bank. He is talking about Maybach music, making the white man rich. Making the other man rich instead of the brother man rich. I got a million dollar home in Miami. I am going to say what I want to say. This same guy that said I have fake money, spent his money to come watch me fight against Hatton? He paying my bills. We all know they don’t make Gucci and Louis V in his size. He has that slum dog jewelry. He already stole Freeway’s look. He stole Ricky Ross’ name, and I thought Slim Thug was the boss. This guy is a clown cop.

Bossip: People are saying you are ducking a bunch of people. We think you must beat Marquez, Cotto, and even Pacman for you to truly be the greatest of all time. What do you think?

Floyd: When I go in the bank Monday morning, I don’t think about these theories. Before I heard about Manny Pacquiao I was the champion. When Cotto came into the game, I was the champion. I think they are both good fighters. When you are in the check cashing business and being the champ, they need to call out my name. I don’t have to call out theirs. I am making as much as both Cotto and Pacman in this one fight. Manny Pacquiao has the worst deal in boxing. He is giving up 27% of his money. Floyd keeps it all. Go back to the Hatton fight and listen to Pacquiao after the Hatton fight. Merchant asked him about me, he said speak to his promoter. It’s his handlers that decide for him BOSSIP, not me. If the money is right, I will fight all three of them and knock them out. I am the first to knock Ricky Hatton out. I knocked him out with 10 ounce gloves on, Pac fought him with 8 ounce gloves. I laid the blueprint on how to beat Hatton. Cotto has been knocked out before and Pacquiao has been knocked out, as well as out boxed by Marquez and Morales. Both of them guys will get knocked out by Floyd. Both Cotto, and Pacman’s people stand behind him. The black community should stand behind me! We need to stick together. I am a one man army that will fight for all of us.

Bossip: A fake site said you are hitting Tiny, TI’s Girl. Do you even know Tiny?

Floyd: BOSSIP, I have spoken to her before and that was a “Hi and Bye.” I respect Tip and would never do that to him. I have met him and his wife, both of them are nice people. I don’t even know Tiny like that BOSSIP.

BOSSIP: Once again Floyd, thanks for your time.

Floyd: No problem, the last interview came out tight. We can tell you are black owned and run. (LOL)

BOSSIP: How your kids doing man?

Floyd: The kids are great, thank you for asking. My family is straight. My dad, Roger, we all good over here Bossip.

BOSSIP: (He hits us back up in two minutes!)

Floyd: Make sure you put this in there Bossip: Pull my numbers up on the internet. These rappers have more fame than loot. It’s more fame than it is money, man! Tell Rick Ross to come to the money school and get more money than he has fame. He got a million dollar grill with a bill in his pocket. Who wears shades when inside? This dude is a square. I get my Gucci custom made, I don’t buy that swap meet Louis like he does man. I believe these “rappers,” for the most part, are living a facade. Mine is in the bank. Ross’ is fabricated through fictional rhymes. I believe these guys have no money.

It sounds like with Floyd’s new “motivator,” the Manny Pacquiao or Miguel Cotto fights will happen… “if and when” he gets pass Marquez.

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