Guess Who Got a New “Do” and Is Back Showing Transparent Cake to Mankind?

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coco5 copy

This original white cake is back. In the photos below, Coco shows all her true “talents.” Oh yeah, she got her hair Bo Derek’ed up too…

Pop it and see them

coco4 copycoco2 copycocococo3 copy


  • Khristal

    Me NOt liking that…NOt even worth posting!

  • Love

    Who cares. Anywone who would sleep with Ice T willingly is a little off. yuck…

    He looks like a that Bart’s real daddy?

  • Speaking the truth...

    Dayum what is that lump in her back…

  • Smoovee Sayz (impregnating random, thirsty jumpoffs seem to be the bizness...Soulja Boy tell em!!)

    I thought everybody goes grocery shopping like that nowadayz…

  • Kami All Day


  • tb

    I wonder how all that plastic is going to look when she is about 60…

  • Shelly O

    Black men always pick the nasties white chicks to wife up. White chicks that no even white men want.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    Take a look at my gravatar to see a REAL “motor bootie”.

    No disrespect Ice, but ya lady wouldn’t make a pimple on the goddess Serena’s luscious brown ass.

  • brea

    Her azz is not real so stop! Everybody is getting implants in their azz and it’s stupid. She knows her azz is fake…I don’t need to say more

  • Kay-The Beautiful One

    Everything about CoCo is definitely fake if you see old pictures of her you will see that all is fake from her hair color, to her chest, to her butt, to me she is just plain trash, and not that Ice-T is cute or anything but im confused as to why they would get together, where did they even meet?

  • Freaks On Myspace

    I ain’t really feeling those braids.

  • lady luck

    i aint feeling nothing about this fake woman from her blackwomen braids to her fake tan to her fake boobs to her fake butt and im sure those lips are plumped up to! ice t you know you wrong for that!


    Nothing against CoCo, but big-ups to some f-i-i-i-i-ne examples of the Black woman like Khristal, Cynthia, Unbought, Love and Freaks. Good day to you ladies. You made my morning.

  • Infinit45

    I don’t care if it’s fake. She looks great. Why is it all the women hate when a woman is vuluptuous? You all scream “FAKE” but you get fake hair, nails, push-up bras, and contacts. If you paper was right you’d do the same thing coco is doing.




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