Pastor Wright is Mainstream

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Here is a throwback photo of Rev. Jeremiah Wright with Slick Willy at the White House back in 1998 that has surfaced yesterday. Although the mainstream media are doing everything they can to paint Pastor Wright as a fanatic on the fringe of society, Wright has long been a prominent pastor on the American landscape, who’s been embraced by high-ranking public officials – black and white.

Click here to see some of what the mainstream ignores.

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    First hos!

  • shine

    who cares? i just want to say, Paris Hilton has gone to South Africa to help those poor children. i saw some pics on INTerracialmatch dotcom/photo/blackchats which is a dating site for interracial singles. she is so nice and beautiful.

  • Milio

    Slick Willy LOL That never gets old!

  • Jahpson


    I did peep that. they are all the same. all of them!!!

    but Hillary scares me the most.

  • Candylicker

    Was Rev Wright a racist then?

  • Stronger than Ever

    Bill Clinton is half black

  • Misty Knight

    This crap has pissmed me off till no end; why do white folks get so irate when somebody criticizes America? why is that “unpatrioctic” this whole hype over rev Wright is such BS

  • JRiddles

    @Heather, I read the story since yesterday. Same group different color…not really. Same political affiliation, different person. I’m not a democrat and I stand behind Barack Obama!

  • lovely and amazing

    Speak Misty Knight.

    Obama 2008!

    Yes We Can!

  • JRiddles

    @Heather…you got the story from somewhere, right? Or was that your personal picture you took in 1998?

    Anyways, their ideologies aren’t the same. Please listen to Obama’s speech on the cost of war!

  • me888

    Heather, CYAD, and get off your high horse. That story has been all over the place since yesterday.

  • GZee

    The media is is trying to make it seem as if the pastor is some kind of paranoid crackpot by him suggesting that the government created AIDS.

    Looking at history, it was the government that allowed the Tuskegee experiment, where they observed 200 black men with syphillis, did not give them medicine just to see what would happen. They let those men DIE a slow death and they jsut WATCHED. Or how about the indigenous indians, they were given smallpox infested blankets and were killed off? Or how theyt became complicit in narcotics trafficking in the midst of its own “Just Say No” to drugs movement.

    Those are just a COUPLE of examples… is the pastors comment about the creation of AIDS really so far fetched?

    I have NO respect for Hillary’s campaign tactics!

  • JRiddles

    @me888, CYAD…spell that one out for me.

  • GZee

    It’s a damn shame that we can’t have a basic conversation without name-calling. Classy.

  • BellaY

    OBAMA 08!!!

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