Guess Which R&B Singer Wants to be Apart of the “SHAVE MY HEAD” Club

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We have come to terms that this shaving your hair off trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. It seems that every week, someone is just chopping it off. So many have jumped on the band wagon, so the question is… Who is rocking it the best???

Pop the Hood to See the Latest Victim


And the winner is… Ms. Keyshia Cole!!!
She is the latest to shave her head but she put a little twist to it by adding the pink stars. From the looks of this picture, she is definitely rocking it.

What do ya’ll think.. love it or hate it???


  • olsweetdickwillie

    1st Pengas!!!

  • jazz

    Well the way I feel about it is that KELIS was the one who really brought it back and she did is way better keyshia’s is cute but please give credit where credit is due KELIS was the first before all of them.

  • kim

    Looks good on Keyshia…Damn other people are showin Cassie how it really should be done (minus Solange)..Looks amazing on Keyshia…

  • Angee

    I kind of like it for her, but it is definitely not for me!

  • Dina

    More power to her; it’s her head. I wouldn’t do it, but it looks better on her than the others I’ve seen.

  • justme

    Looks good

  • Beauty101

    I LoVe this on KESH…** The best YEt!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


    This is getting a little ridiculous…

    Copy cats :-)

  • freak

    heart it looks clean and neat.

  • PO10TiAL

    Keysh…. come on Keysh. You sing too well to be doing this gimmicky nonsense.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    It’ll be interesting to see how many others in the industry will do this also = shaving their hair off on the sides and if this trend will hit the “streets” of America???

  • The fresh prince™

    Oh well.

  • yaneedtoknow

    People of course this isn’t the first time this style has been done. Hair and fashion repeat. But the fact is that this latest time around was started by Cassie and more celebs than ever have decide it was time to go short or shave. Who’s jackin who doesn’t matter – people are following Cassie’s lead.

  • ceewalk

    Absolutely luuuuvs it! Hers looks the best yet!

  • What's In My Head?

    Let’s see how long she keeps it before she gets tracks glued on the side like LaLa did. lol

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