Lisa Wu Hartwell Joins the ATL “Foreclosed and Loving it” Club

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Bossip has learned that Lisa Wu Hartwell’s ATL house was just foreclosed.

Looks like Lisa Wu Hartwell is now an official Real Housewife of Atlanta, her house has been foreclosed. She and her washed up football player of a husband were asked to pack their sh*t and get out of their ATL mansion last week.  Apparently, the home had lost face value and the couple wanted to reconstruct the loan.  The bank has since sold the home for $1.9 million, the couple paid $2.9 million for it in 2007.

Lisa is no stranger to hard times, since she has filed for bankruptcy in the past. She has no worries about resting her head, and has since found a new home which she owns that sits on 10 acres.  Why is it that these ladies can’t seem to pay their bills but constantly brag about doing it for themselves?  Only thing they seem to do right is lay down, make babies and burn up the metal strip on their credit cards.

Debt+No Money= Flat A** Broke housewives.  Do the math, if you’re smart enough, but this does explain why Lisa was big pimpin in a Nissan Aramava.

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