Tyra’s Stalker is Back on the Streets

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A man who was arrested for stalking Tyra Banks was released just 24 hrs. after he was taken in:

Brady Green, 37, has allegedly been hounding Banks for months, sending her letters and leaving her phone messages since early January. The Dublin, Georgia, native then began sending the talkshow beauty flowers and last Tuesday turned up at the N.Y. TV studio where she films The Tyra Banks Show asking to speak to the star in person. Authorities were alerted to Green’s unwanted presence and found him carrying a large bag packed full of magazine cuttings and notes about Banks. He was removed from the premises, but later returned and waited for Banks to emerge from a fast food restaurant across the street.

Police were called back to the scene and officers took Green into custody, charging him with stalking, harassment and criminal trespass. Green was hauled before a judge at Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday where he protested his innocence – and within minutes he was freed by Judge Anthony Ferrara, despite Green having prior run-ins with the law. Ferrara did issue an order of protection for Banks, but staff at the posh Chelsea, N.Y. studio are reportedly still anxious about Green’s return. A producer says, “There’s no security at this building. It’s very scary.”

What kind of building is that in New York without security? Tyra better watch her back, those stans don’t play.

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  • Cage


  • http://onedroprule.org/about1720.html Nita

    if he’s that much of a nuisance, why wasn’t a restraining order issued.

  • Raven

    Even my corny-ass office building on 20th has security. There’s no way her building doesn’t.

  • shine

    it’s a bad news for her. haha~~~ she maybe get scared again. i saw the man’s pics on INTerracialmatchDOTcom/photo/blackchats

  • shine

    by the way, it’s funny, because the site is a dating site for interracial singles. maybe the man wants to…her

  • I'm Just Me

    with = what: the second time in the first sentence.



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  • John


  • beautiful b (really)

    eeeww. close up was not needed. why the hell is she so pasty? she needed to follow that laguna beach crowd to whatever tanning salon they use.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/b063be0b56d5a468c3911fd5fdfd73db?s=80&r=any what??????????

    That pic of her is really not necessary.

  • Clarkston's Mommy

    Tyra better get herself a pistol, that’s the only way to stop crazy ass people, the police sure aren’t going to do it!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    WOW…just 24hours huh…guess Tyra don’t carry much check in the NYC.

    And I don’t know which is scarier…that photo or the article.

  • Built2Bully


  • trife Ling

    should have kept her azz in la – new york stalkers are a different breed and cops ain’t e’en playing wit dem

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