TI Diss Track to First Baby Mama Lashon Dixon “That’s The Way You Want It?”

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Damn, Tip has a new track going hard at his first baby momma, Lashon Dixon. In the track he talks about child support and the fact that she wont work. TI must have put it down before getting locked, because new music from him is popping up everywhere.

Pop it for some real Hip-Hop and actuality

This is what was said in his second verse….

After the back and forth and you constantly asking for more-child support I ask what for and you take me back to court, now
I’m in a public tug-o-war for dough I struggle for, I owe money for my sons, honey, and nothin’ more/ Do much more than average for my sons, that’s just ignorin’ facts you can get off ya ass and work you don’t wanna be f*ckin’ poor, that’s not quite the issue is it? it’s that we don’t f*ck no more/ That’s ‘posed to be you who buyin’ houses pickin’ out the car, that’s ‘posed to be you in benz’s, bentley’s, fendi and dior that’s your problem just accept it you and I are never more/ And forever we never will just try your best to deal. I rolled around with you for years and I regret it still/ And well since you ain’t let yourself know, you look a mess just let yourself go I guess they say misery love yes, but frankly I’m too blessed to walk around frownin’ lookin’ all depressed where your self respect to get yourself in check
you disgraced women who work need to put yourself in check
I kept it to myself just cuz I felt it wasn’t fair but now I’m pissed to the point I don’t care, so there!

Wonder if Tiny has a comment about this one?


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