Twitter Files: Dallas Austin vs. Kim Zolciak from the Real Atlanta Housewives

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Awwww sh*zzzz… It’s a Twitter fight!!! Dallas Austin and Kim Zolciak are going at it on Twitter. Last season, when Dallas Austin appeared on the RHOA, he co-signed Kim’s singing talent or lack there of should we say but it’s obvious that the whole thing was a publicity stunt because the girl can’t sing at all. Then on top of all that, Dallas is real cool with Big Poppa.

Check It Out Below:



Damn… if Dallas didn’t call her out then what else would you call it.


  • Asante27

    lol first

  • Asante27

    wow why Kim begging it, shes a no talent sidepiece.

  • youguysaretrippin


  • Ayesha

    I LOVE KIM. She is so funny and talentless. She’s so lost it’s comical. Dallas, please don’t waste your time on this chick. She’s pure comedy. Just sit back and laugh.

  • sharon

    Dallas Austin is a F_A_G. These are women, someone’s mother. Have some glass, so tired of these DL, Homo, Bi men like Dallas, Puffy, Ho-for-hire Steph Jones and Wil Lemay hating on women on these sites. just SHUT UP.

    p.s. dallas dear, when was the last time you had a hit madonna and tlc in the late 80’s.

    Maybe you should try rehab so you don’t almost get sentenced to death in other countries butt boy.

  • sharon

    oh i forgot the last great thing you did was accompany a real talent PINK to the mtv awards in 2001. PUNK

  • jacob

    dude is a junkie what do you expect to waste his time fussing with some old white lady

  • Jamilah

    I must admit I have never seen the RHOA or any other Real housewives of…

  • JeRsEy_Ma

    Dallas really needs to cut it short, if you’re such a professional you really shouldn’t have wasted your time w/ Kim weak a$$ in the 1st place, especially not on tv where it made u look foolish {{what we would do 4 a lil piece of change}}


    Why are they wasting their time with each other, that season has long been over.

  • Cynthia

    DANG! He didn’t have to put her on blast like that

  • Khristal

    LMFAO! I am about to follow both of them now

  • free

    why is this JUNKIE calling somebody names?

  • dallas austin is so damn arrogant

    dallas has a wicked sense of humor and its kinda cool that in an industry that is full of crap he says what he wants and how he feels no matter. he kisses no butt and he can afford not to. BUT damn, he is one of the most arrogant and self absorbed men and that makes him unlikable, and perpetually girlfriendless.

    he may be a hasbeen but he is solid paid. producers with hits in the 90’s are the ones still making money cause that when records actually sold. Mariah stay living large off the 90’s.

  • Angee

    Damn PCF! Not an old burlap sack! Girl you are crazy!!

    Dallas can not be serious with this. Why should he care, and why waste his time tweeting about it? :roll:

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