Knifed Up: Is This Broad Really Serious????

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Traci Bingham arrives at the 2009 Hot Summer Nights 2

Traci Bingham exudes so much “low class-ness” that it doesn’t make any sense. From her knifed up t*tties and face, to the ripped fishnets…shows that she is certainly not the type of girl you would take home to meet your mom. The funniest part about it is that she thinks she’s fly as hell…Poor thang.

Flip the script for more of Trashy Bingham…


  • And thats real

    doing a lil kim lol

  • Janae

    There’s NO DIFFERENCE between her, Kim K, Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra/Ortega, etc.

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    She looks sad and crzy. Her weave is all matted, and she has that whole “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” vibe going on. She probably needs therapy and rehab.

  • Jessica

    I was just talking about this yesterday…

    It’s sad when a person doesn’t realize what it is about themselves that prevents them from experiencing the bets parts of life. Like a good relationship with a healthy minded man/woman or just living with some dignity & self-respect.

    When people destroy their bodies with surgery it only shows they feel inferior and lack self-confidence… Also the aftermath usually makes them look freakier than before, I just don’t get it.

  • Janae

    @ Rozza♥ – Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    …“Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”…


    You saw that, too! I’m an old Hollywood film buff and I like meeting other people who enjoy them.

  • Rozza♥ - Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    @embalmingfashionista: It does look funky and itchy.

  • Jay the Real One

    She looks terrible but then I always thought she was one of those messed up in the head chicks.

  • Janae

    @ Rozza♥ – Do You Like Fish Sticks?

    I meant “Who’s” your favorite?

    Sorry :)

  • Janae

    @ Jessica

    I totally agree with you, also.

    “When people destroy their bodies with surgery it only shows they feel inferior and lack self-confidence…” And when they’re constantly taking off their clothes or putting their intimate activities on display publicly as well

  • gq

    what’s hilarious is that the majority of chicks hating on her in this thread would go under the knife right now if they could afford it.

  • http://bossip bb

    This is definitely a cry for help

    She might need a complete psychiatric evaluation

  • Tell it like it is

    Damn, she use to be so pretty.. its too bad..

  • acerbase

    This chick used to look good. I don’t know who introduced her to Micahel Jackson’s docs. She’s now a poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Let this be a lesson about girls being in the game too long. She should have retired from this in the 90s with a rich dude.

  • The Best

    She needs a stylist & a clue. .

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