D-List Love Gone Wrong…

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What D-List couple is on the verge of splitting worse than Beyonce’s hair ends?


An inside source has informed Bossip that Que may be dipping out on Dawn.  Apparently Que has a little Tenderoni who he files in from time to time to chop down and kick it with.  According to our source he has been told plenty of times to leave this girl alone but continues to keep her around. No woman deserves to be cheated on but when Dawn pulls someone like Que she has to know that women are going to come for him.


  • Adrianne

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I Love them together…… I *don’t* want to believe this buffonery :(

  • APHIA Man

    That was horrible to begin with. Lets see who loses all there money first. Dawn is sneaky to me. I thing she wants to sleep with Puff. She will do anyu and everything to keep her contract. Day 26…the albums are getting weaker. Yall need some special guests on your songs

  • http://www.k.com noelle

    They will move on. I wonder if they regret showing all that affection though..

  • bossip bs

    umm this isn’t true cuz que is most definitely GAY

  • And thats real

    they were a gross together anyways… and q is super gay to me



  • Say Something Nice...

    @APHIA Man

    I agree, girl be all up diddy’s nuts. I think there is a reason that everyone from DK got cut except for her and its probably cuz she was willing to do ANYTHING to keep her contract.

    And I can’t front I thought they were gonna say he had a guy on the side…lol

  • yo

    let me get this straight the man has her name tatto on him and his cheatiung


    Que is so gay and wtf is up with her that she likes a feminine man?

  • Philly

    It’s two Philly’s now? Anywho, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • http://bossip.com !cassidy!

    @say smoething
    lez-b-honost! u know what type of girl likes feminine men. its prolly a front for both of um! its 2009 q and wifey!!! come out the closet!! lol.

  • http://www.fashionxclash.com chizzy

    hes gay .
    hes madly and truly gay .
    bet he doesnt know it yet .
    or he does ; prolly choppin up a tenderoni wit a peener.

  • HelloPrincess

    Dawn could do better. He’s a toddler

  • tanisha

    cosign with above.

    it doesnt matter what a man looks like. if you are in a relationship you are EXPECTED AND SHOULD BE FAITHFUL

  • christmas808

    yeah me sista told me her friend be messing wit Que she even had pictures to prove it

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