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Michael Jordan 1

Michael Jordan and his old man jeans are enjoying the single life:

Michael Jordan showed up with not one, but two hot girls on his arm at the recent Oakley sunglasses women’s event in Miami. “They were both acting like his girlfriends, like it was a menage a trois. They both had their hands on his thighs. The girls even looked alike, tan with dark hair.”

We know he couldn’t for things to be officially over with Juanita, so he didn’t have to sneak around with his little jumpoffs and side deals. We know Juanita couldn’t wait neither, her ass had one hell of a come-up banking in on the most expensive celebrity divorce ever with over 168 million.



  • http://lavatorylady.blogspot.com Lavatorylady

    That picture is well over a year old.

  • Rome

    Go head Mike tear it up!!!!

  • Africa rocks!

    I’d hit MJ- for free!! Old man jeans or not!

  • getyourhandouttamypocket

    LMAO @ ‘old man jeans’…MJ gon’ catch the herp…

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    This picture is HILARIOUS, look at Mike :-)

    And look at his facial expression :-)

  • Cage

    Lmao @ K.I.R.

    Yeah he had that BOSS look on his face…

  • msindependent

    168 million is alot but dets the price you pay when you married and you messin wit jump offs….when will these men learn its cheaper to keep her!


    that pic may be old, but on that day he was gettin some white booty


    I know Mike…he’s a ho, he hit my friend. I could tell some things…REAL TALK!

  • csquared


    What did your girl say? I would knock those two broads down and make love to #23 in that club! He’s old but he could still get it!!! I aint s**t lol!!!

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com I ride a bicycle.....wanna join me ?

    Mike is playing catch-up from his college days. He was sheltered.

  • God Damn I Wish that Ass was on a White Girl

    He is the greatest of all-time.. It is only appropriate that he does his “thing”…Good job MJ

  • http://www.homecookinradio.com HCR Bandit

    @ God Damn

    Your name is really hilarious..

    As for this MJ story.. Whatever! Black men luv them some white ass!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Do you Mike. But remember two words…Kobe Bryant.

  • Blacksmith

    Mike and Juanita are still cool and that’s why you haven’t heard their divorce business get grimey in the news.

    Mike, just be careful. Wrap it up and keep an eye on your wallet.

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