In White Folks News: Guess Who Is Still Showing Kini Cake??

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Britney Spears Hanging Poolside With Her Kids

This chick will not hide her cakes. If your attention to detail is on, you will know who owns this white back.

Pop and peep her with her kids…poolside

Britney Spears Hanging Poolside With Her Kids33337PCN_SpearscakeBritney Spears Hanging Poolside With Her KidsBritney Spears Hanging Poolside With Her KidsBritney Takes Her Kids To the Poolkini kids


  • Hannibals Dad


  • Aoki

    ^^ I loved that show, Cavemen!

  • Sloppy Seconds are for Losers

    Shape and weave are all kinds of f’ed up!

  • ghost


  • mina

    her shape isnt the best, but its her best. you cant help what your bone structure is. and hers just happens to be more athletic. i think she looks good considering she has not one but 2 kids, and via c section at that. and females know its hard to get the tummy back when u had a c section. do your thing brit & ignore the haters!

  • lani3000

    sheeit, Britt looks gewd nowadays. I dont hate, but congratulate. She looked much worse about a yr or so ago.

  • anglelina jolie

    britney, love you brit
    you tour was great

  • Hannibals Dad


  • lean (Breaking the Monotony)

    Okay y does her son have on a little baby chain!? LOL…he is getting his K-fed steez popping already! …waste no time!

  • MAX

    This bish looks HOT!

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Another pinky who peaked at 18.

  • Brian

    I’d chop it.

  • wuut

    im so happy for her. im glad shes back on trak she looks great

  • ms jazz

    i love u britney

  • Nfamous

    I’m smash that til I broke a sweat.

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