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These are the new promotional pics of Mariah Carey. The words ANOREXIA and AIRBRUSH come to mind. She was lookin’ mad chunky a minute ago. But “Mimi 40-Something” is working it again; but we must ask, how long until another Dr. 90210 touch up??


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  • mr mr

    Mariah looks FAKE AS HELL in this promo pic…

    more power to her tho…

    hope she not the next AUNT VIV


    PHOTOSHOP…skinty arse legs…

  • Bird

    I saw an interview with Maraiah recently and she said that label made her lose weight. She said she prefers to be thicker, but has to do what they want.

  • HCR Bandit

    Mariah’s doing her thing this time around. She’s everywhere!! But what’s really good w/ her Da Brat???!

  • da darkness

    she got a hot record the one with t-pain dat is some fire


    i was bout to say!!! i knew she didnt look like that. maybe thats her motivation.

  • lala

    lmao that is so not her body hahaha omg this girl is funny as hell

  • Aoki Lee

    I know Mariah lost weight & all but her body don’t look like THAT!!! PHOTOSHOPPING needs to stop folks going crazy with it now.

    Mariah’s legs are long but no where Naomi Cambell status & in this pic her legs rival Naomi & we all know that AINT TRUE!

  • Milio

    I love her, but I am not feeling the airbrush stuff. Besides, she keep it up, it’s going to give Jermaine ideas

  • SoSo

    mimmi looks like a mannequin

  • Blacksmith

    This is the cartoon version of Mariah?

    She said her trainer moved in with her and makes her stick to her diet and exercise regimen.

  • checkoutmystatus

    Photoshopin been around forever, stop complaining lol. Yall just up on it now.

  • checkoutmystatus

    Did ya’ll hear the remix of her new joint with the dream & Ricky Ross, dat shyt iz fire!

  • Yes I Said It & I Meant It Too

    It’s a nice photo. It would’ve been better without all of the photoshopping done. She kind of looks like a robot. It’s so airbrushed that her left kneecap is missing.

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