Someone’s Got Octomom Beat!

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A British woman is pregnant with 12 babies.

A teacher is breaking medical records by attempting to give birth to twelve babies.  The mother to be conceived the children through fertility treatments and was warned not to have all twelve babies.  Yet against doctor’s wishes, she will indeed carry all twelve fertilized eggs.  The woman says she is looking forward to hugging her six boys and six girls once they are born.

Although offered selective reduction like most mothers of multiple eggs, the woman opted out.  It is recommended that in cases such as these, some of the unborn should be aborted to give the other eggs a better chance at survival.  The mother to be is said to feel fine so far.

We wonder if she’ll feel that way when she’s popping out 12 humans the size of watermelons out of a hole the size of a lemon.


  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Jade Silver

    That’s just ridiculous and unnatural. I know babies are gifts but sometimes we as humans take ‘playing God’ too far.

  • MySoulIsFull

    talk about a gut full of human

  • Missdopefresh

    Thats just ridiculous!

  • SteelCityChick

    Shyt…….even dogs don’t carry that many babies! This is distgusting and un-natural. She’s like a f*cken rat,mouse or roach…take your pick!!

  • Resurrected

    This lady gets on my nerve first she makes a ramdon selection of bad decision and now we all are paying for it while she wear $200 shirts and shoes and I mean a peice… I tell you all you need is the white media and a triffing azz problem to become fameous and a thief…

  • Aunt Viv

    My cervix hurts just thinking about that!

  • CUKII3


  • nene

    Why do these women think that having all these babies by invitro fertilization is cool. To me that is so animalistic. A woman’s body was not made to hold and birth all those kids like that. It’s just gross and inhumane.

  • TM30

    SMH, she planned to have a natural birth. If she makes it that far, they are going to have to slice her from one end to the other to get those babies out safely. Apparently she’s not in touch with reality. Any rational person would know that natural birth in this instance, would be impossible. They would also know that the chance of them being full-term would be slim to none. Seriously, if doctors are unwilling to naturally deliver triplets or even some twins for that matter, why would they even think about tackling 12?

  • Lost

    I hope she’s not pushing 50 years old and has some sort of financial and moral support to help nurture and take care of those children.

  • MulattoMom

    yup she is going to be cut from her rooter to her tooter…unfortunately, I don’t think those babies will survive and that’s a shame…what is she doing this for? money and fame?

  • Umm...O.K.

    Why do these women think that having all these babies by invitro fertilization is cool.

    I don’t think these women think it’s “cool”
    like a trend. I think they just want to have a baby of their own and can’t do it naturally.

    That is why having a baby is not a right. (Not everyone can do it) but a privilege. The children and responsibility should be treated as such.

    For women that choose this procedure, they should be well informed and prepared for the consequences.

    Unfortunately, as with life, we never think it (meaning: the worst case scenario) will happen to us and when it does we are usually ill prepared.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Birthing litters now. Drop kick me Jesus.

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