Phylicia Rashad Gets her Claire Huxtable Swag Back

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After becoming the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, Phylicia Rashad has lost 35 lbs. Flip the hood to see her now!

phylica copy

Phylicia has reached her Jenny Craig weight loss goal of 35 pounds and looks great. She dished on what made her lose weight to begin with:

Walking up three flights of stairs and not being able to catch her breath was Phylicia’s moment of truth that made her decide to take action. Success was achieved with the help of her Jenny Craig consultant who worked with Phylicia’s busy schedule to design a personalized comprehensive nutrition and activity plan that worked for her. Each week, Phylicia met with her consultant to personalize her program, based on 1,200 calories a day and 30-45 minutes of activity up to four times a week, including a variety of Floor-Barre exercises, light strength training and the use of a recumbent bike.

While it was a battle for her, she claims the best thing about losing the weight is that she feels so much lighter.  Look out for Phylicia to reveal her new look in a commercial that will air nationally on August 29.

Now how many of you young cats would chop down the backs of this cougar?





  • MrMuster

    She’ll always be the “First” in my book.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Love my soror! SKEE-WEE! Go head girl!

  • eveinthegarden


  • MrMuster

    Okay, maybe “SECOND”.

  • eveinthegarden

    I’ve always thought she was an amazingly beautiful lady…

  • Lady J

    She looks beautiful….

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    I’ve always liked her. She favors my mom! :)

  • JB ($80 for his jersey? There goes my electric bill!!)

    She is so pretty. Man Cougars are about to tear this place up.

  • Chris Partlow (Dont Fret Boss. I Got U Covered. Quick & Clean, I Promise)

    she has always been beautiful and classy with it

  • L

    BLACK DON’T CRACK! She looks great!!!

  • L

    @Chris Partlow, is that a line from THE GREEN MILE?? In your screen name?

  • CJ

    She’s a naturally beautiful woman. And as we (humans) age, unless we stay active we pick up weight….which didn’t look awful on her, she still wasn’t sloppy. but that 35lbs got her in the game still.

  • elle




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