Save Aretha, Save the Animals

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Now this is some new ish:

“Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin could save her house, if she promises to never wear fur again. The singer reportedly now owes a total of $19,192 in back taxes…But now PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have offered to help her out. The animal rights group has written a letter to Franklin offering to pay her $19,000 tax bill if she promises to never wear fur again.”

Smart move. PETA knows it would take a whole gaggle of critters to cover Aretha’s wide load. Aretha should take the deal. She’ll save her house, and several thousand lil’ creatures (and that’s just for one of her custom made coats).



  • Billups


  • Blind3rdEye

    haaa 1st again

  • Billups


  • Blind3rdEye

    nah… im second..!

  • dayg715

    she should take their money, then buy a new fur coat with it LMAO!

  • lily green

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  • HereIambaby

    She is not look good in this picture. I saw her other better looking pictures on It is much better than this one. Maybe you want to check it out.

  • That girl

    Do you girl. If you like real ur wear real fur.

  • num1dominicano

    surprised diabetes didn’t get the best of her yet….

  • Kompton's Kutie

    ?? Y Aretha does not have $19g’s to pay taxes? I know she gets royalties etc. ??

  • pm

    Peta, please Aretha dug that 19K from under on of those tig old bitties 2 weeks ago

  • da darkness

    no child in africa should be left behind. that milk in them titties could feed the whole continent. @areatha for get that house you need to be on a farm filling baby breast milk. lmao! i’m sayin:-@

  • Southern Belle 225

    SMH at you Auntie Re! You betta take that money gull!

  • Shavon Denise

    Trust ReaRea got that dough already. And if she didnt she’s the Queen of Soul so someone would hook her up with all she’s done. But if I were her I wouldnt be muscled by PETA when they need to try to stop all those people that hunt instead of celebrities wearing fur. Now being that I’m me I would take the 19K cuz I dont need fur that much, shiat all I’ll have to pay is $192.00 more?! Sweeet.

  • *starlight*

    she is as big as a bear anyway so to make her a fur coat they need to kill at least three bears for her ass!! lol

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