Angel Lola Luv: You’ll Never Find… Blum Blum Blum Blum… a Hairline Like Mine

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Angel Lola Luv, her five-head and Trina were out and about this past weekend in Atlanta. Angel is not having dreams with that five-head, she is watching movies in her sleep.

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Listen to what Mike Epps had to say about it…


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  • Menominee_Nation

    is this the new be-all end-all put down these days? man o man, people in this country should wish the most serious flaw they have to them is a SLIGHTLY higher forehead than “usual”…obesity is running at an epidemic rate, kids are getting diabetes like its part of puberty and they wanna talk about a CRAZY beautiful girl like that cuz of her forehead?

    whatever helps u sleep at night i guess.

  • sixfoota

    TOO much bondin’ glue. DAMN SHAME………………

  • http://bossip miss dior

    This girl looks like she comes from Africa…ethiopia, somalia.

  • yeayeayea

    she does come from africa.

  • Menominee_Nation

    @ miss dior, i believe i have read that she is indeed Ethiopian. nice call!

  • annmarie

    there is nothin wrong wit dis chick she pretty

  • nay

    oh so what every one has a flaw including who ever wrote this. Now a days people are trying to get surgery to fix what they think is wrong with them and end up looking ever worse. If she has a big forehead oh well. There is more important things to concern ourselves about like people starving and homeless.GET A GRIP!!!!!

  • jlove71

    Nothing wrong with her whom ever wrote the article must have gotten dissed!!!!

  • keke

    Trina is looking very pretty & so does Angel. Who gives a damn about her head!!She looks good. I wonder what the idiot who wrote this article looks like. You are knocking her for something she can’t do anything about. Please GET A LIFE!!!

    And….miss dior I thnink she is African.

  • dmariefashion

    hahaha yall stupid for saying that. But that was funny. Love Mike Epps

  • noelle


  • imhotep1984

    Angel do got a 5-head, but she’s still BAD. You don’t see chicks like her just walkin down the street.

  • Shannon

    I don’t see anything wrong with her forehead!

  • TEAM B

    Lola is pretty and ao isnt Trina. I wish Lola didnt rap though, she is horrible.

  • TEAM B


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