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Brian McKnight attended the R’n’B Hollyweird Live event last night with a lady friend. He’s looking a little geriatric. Has it really been that long?

More images from that event:


Ok Lyte, we see you trying to look “girlish”. Heavy D came out of the woodworks for this one too.


  • E. Junior

    …his ladie friend aight!

  • bree

    Eric Benets new slide kinda looks like Halle in the thumbnail pic..Heavy D the over weight lover

  • NotoriousOne

    @ bree…

    “Eric Benets new slide kinda looks like Halle in the thumbnail pic..”

    I thought the same thing. I guess he wanna keep it in the same type category. LOL She a cutie though.

  • adagsda

    he is charming. one of my friends told me she saw hid profile on a contraversial site, it caters to rich women seeking handsome and charming men. he want a sugarmomma support and spoil him.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Good morning all! Eric’s new chick is cute but she ain’t no halle berry! Brian looks too old to be hugged up with that chick! Normally this doesn’t bother me but this pic just doesn’t look right. They don’t look right together.

  • black princess

    i see eric wen t and got himself a halle lookalikie

  • Black Beauty

    Eric must still be hurting from his divorce from Halle B. because I’ve noticed the women he has been pictured with look like her.

    Heavy D….what’s really good?!

  • Amy

    She looks like Halle but he looks miserable. Probably still reeling from the fact that he lost her being foolish and she just gave birth…

  • Amy

    Brian McKnight is ok, he just needs to poop – ex-lax

  • guilty pleasure

    Brian Mac needs some Botox shots…

  • for-fun

    they are happy…what about you??

  • mjoylaw

    that’s a hot pic of Eric and his girl..Brian needs to go sit down somewhere and get his head together cause that’s not a good look hanging with a teen age date. I’m just sayin..

  • mjoylaw

    I wonder if Eric is cheatin on this one too…hmmm

  • Trini Chica in BK

    I see Eric got himself an Halle Berry look-a-like!

  • daniel

    that’s prince’s ex-wife.

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