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Rihanna traded in the S&M gear to perform at her “A Girl’s Night Out” concert series for needy children:

Having first performed on stage for 40 minutes to a very happy crowd on Wednesday, Rihanna headed upstairs to a private lounge area, where she did a meet-and-greet with children, signing autographs and taking pictures with them.

“When I was young and I would watch television and I would see all the children suffering, I always said when I grow up I want to help,” she said by way of explaining why she started The Believe Foundation. “Not long after I was in the position where I could help. I started to visit all these children’s hospitals and I have a soft spot for kids. I just want to help and make sure they are happy. They can come to a Rihanna concert or have toys or gifts at Christmas.”

Glad to see she’s giving back. Good for her.




  • Tish

    She is a stunning young lady.. Really classy!!!

  • da darkness

    needy kids, she in need of some asssssssssssss.

  • bree

    i guess The BELIEF Foundation was already copyrighted

  • loooola

    Go rih rih beyonce would never do that! the old hag!

  • Tish

    LOL Sorry!!!

  • Kapricedimepiece

    She is not a classy lady, get over yourself Tish. How would you know? Do you know her personally? Get a clue

  • He's Presidential

    That’s good she is giving back to charity. I saw this on People this morning.

  • Tish

    WOW!! People are just too Catty for me!! Peace and Love.. Peace and Love

  • That girl

    Damn…Does it matter atleast she is willing to give back. I agree with Tish……

  • Kapricedimepiece

    Don’t make dumb comments like that and there will be peace and love. Who says catty in 2008? You are a career loser aren’t you? oh…peace and love.

  • Tish

    Too Grown for the nonsense… grow up little girl..

  • Lady Architect

    She looks nice. I’m glad she knows how to switch it up.

  • $moK.E.Y.


  • http://same jay

    im so tired of seeing this chick , it aint funny, give her ass a break

  • Kapricedimepiece

    Been grown, that still doesn’t excuse your dumb comment. I guess you are a cyber parent with your “grow up” statement. PLEASE!

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