Twitter Files: Bey Bey Beyonce’s Cousin/Tour Manager is Tweeting Himself into Trouble… Speak Your Mind Man… You Can’t Delete Tweets

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Bey Bey Beyonce’s cousin/tour manager has diarrhea of the tweets. He had a couple things to say about Cassie and her shaved head and tweeted the Camel should have chosen someone else because Rihanna sounded like an Alley Cat. He deleted the tweets but one thing about Twitter… it doesn’t erase… EVER!!!

Pop it for Tweets…


Don’t erase it dude, the damage is done… speak yo mind!!!


  • meela


  • meela


  • Blacky - Unofficial Bossip celeb - Today is Q&A

    2nd shoot

  • http://hmlt Too short


  • http://hmlt Too short

    dam i thought i was 2nd

  • Kevin

    funny pic of dude…even if it aint really him

  • $moK.E.Y.

    man please he saying what everyone with good hearing & vision knows about both them bishes!!!

    they have no talent other then looks

  • VP

    First, I said the same thing :) Gaga would have been better


    ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ehhhhh ehhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhhh lmao wait a minute, is this good girl gone bad or we run this town? I’m confused……

  • JAqueen

    i totally agree wit ya. i like riri but she’s overrated

  • Sexy&Smart

    lol…he was right about Rhi Rhi though…she could have done a lot better with that song…

  • Sexy&Smart

    but i ain’t mad at Rhi Rhi….she’s been through a lot lately…she might need a long vacation.

  • Shiny-Licious

    that so true!!
    Dont worry Bey, he’s just said the truth

  • Wanjiru®

    “could OF found someone else”?!!!???


    Pet peeve.



  • Veronica

    p.s yes u can delete your tweets, if its your own.

    • Bossip Baby

      @Veronica … yes you can delete them but they stay in history so it really doesn’t matter if you do it or not… they are always there and all you have to do is search it in google

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