*Exclusive*: Kandi Burruss of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Speaks on Cast Members… Especially, on Mz. NeNe Leakes

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We told ya’ll we had two more parts to the Kandi Burruss interview and now they are here. Last night, finally in the third episode, Kandi has met all of the housewives. So, it’s only right that we would share this part of the interview with you now. We asked Kandi what her thoughts were of each cast member. Pop it to see what she had to say about each lady and especially… NeNe the “Man-Man”…

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  • Big B

    Kandi is finer than a muhf#$*%h!

  • Ok

    There is NOTHING cute about this lady! Everything about her is ALL wrong! I just get that feeling. She looks dirty…. ugh she irks my ever loving nerves on the show too! Bye Kandi… go away

  • http://www.yahoo.com LondonLady

    Really Really ok ok.

  • Boss Lady

    I just think she tries too hard. But I like Kandi for the most part. She don’t hate on anybody, she don’t really have anything negative to say about anyone and I can’t dig that. She doing her own thing and that’s really what it’s all about. Do you and stay in your own lane.

  • Sydney™

    I noted how Nene reacted to Kandi last night at her event, and I think, for whatever reason, she has developed a grudge against Kandi. And if Kandi developed a friendship with Kim, then I think that tension will only intensify. I also think that Nene is the last person to call someone “ghetto” — I’m just being honest. Yes, Kandi is engaged to a man with six kids by four women, but isn’t Nene an ex-stripper? That’s akin to the pot calling the kettle black, IMHO.

    Methinks that a lot of this controversy is intentionally being stirred up in order for Nene to sell more books. There’s something different about her this season. There was controversy before, but it feels more manufactured this go-round.

  • Jade Silver

    @ Sydney… Hey girl. What is this RHOA all about? Really? I think when all else fails, get a reality show.

  • Sydney™

    Hey Jade :) Happy Friday!

    Real Housewives is a Brave TV reality show series that films women in different cities. The first Housewives show took place in Orange County, CA, and now there are seasons filmed in New York, NJ (new cast and the season ended before Atlanta started), and Atlanta. I believe the Atlanta show is the highest-rated of the series (no surprise there).

    There starting a new season soon in D.C. — I was told they’re filming it now, and there are people following those “housewives” via Twitter (a friend told me this recently).

    All the housewives have blogs that are updated regularly at bravotv.com.

  • Sugamama

    NeNe is nothing but a hood rat on the come up. Don’t stoop to her level. She is messy and she is just coming after you because you are accomplished in something other than a stripper pole!!!!

  • Sydney™

    Or maybe I’m thinking of the Real World series that’s being filmed in D.C.

    If filming hasn’t started already on Real Housewives of DC, I think it’s expected to begin soon. There have been stories about the casting.

  • Jade Silver

    @ Sydney… Happy Friday to you too. But, what is the point of the/this show?

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Nene is my favorite on the show ..crazy as she may be, she makes the show!

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    OH HELL NAW! Nobody messes with my girl Nene LOL

  • Sydney™

    On a side note, I can’t believe Project Runway was moved from Bravo to Lifetime. I think the new season started this week as well.

  • Donte Love

    She needs to ditch that AJ bum and get with a real Love machine like me. I aim to please and never leave until my women are satisfied.

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