Leona Lewis: Priced Out of the Hood

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The Brit pop star beauty was duped out of buying a house in her native town of London recently:

“She recently made an offer of around $1m on a house in Hackney with her boyfriend, but when the vendor found out who she was they upped the price by $200,000, forcing the couple to pull out. A source said: ‘It was quite upsetting. They had their heart set on a property and offered the asking price. But the seller thought she was a pop star and could afford more, so he upped the price. It’s cruel.’

Leona’s dad has previously revealed that despite the success of her album, Spirit, which was the fastest-selling UK debut of all time, the pop princess is no millionaire. He said: ‘It’s a myth Leona is a millionaire. She earns enough to live on, but that’s it.’

Leona’s stacks are on modest for now, unlike Mary J. SMH at the shady owner for pricing a girl out of her own neighborhood.



  • bree

    now she’s bleeding love

  • bree

    1st & 2nd? :-)

  • Ashley Seales

    SMH at her weave.

  • Ashley Seales

    And she wasn’t duped. Duped means tricked or swindled. Neither applies to this situation.

    Reference Roget’s then post.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Nik

    She is pretty and beyonce-esque look and the light eyes.

  • serene

    I hate when they do things like that.

  • Ashley Seales


    Do things like what exactly?

  • http://same jay

    i heard this girl sing, she is no joke!bel’s vocals have nothing on this girl, bey, better be glad she has long time fans, because this girl would knock her in the water

  • lily green

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  • MS. NYTX

    no no…that looks like her hair..im eyein’ the roots…

  • Ashley Seales

    @MS. NYTX

    Yeah I think you might be right it looks a little horsehairish if you know what I mean. That’s kinda why I was thinkin that.

  • Blacksmith

    That’s her hair. It’s looking a little frizzy…been there, done that. Her natural curl pattern is a little tighter and they probably just blew it out to soften the curl.

    She was on Oprah a few weeks back, she seems very humble and grounded. Hope she does well.

  • Kitty Katt

    She looks like my sister.

  • Don't mind me

    It is her hair and they are her eyes and she is a much better dinger then the rest and she is humble. Hopefully she wont be destroyed in this industry like all the rest



    She’s bi-racial.. White- British MaMa… Black Daddy from Guyana.

    I think she’s gorgeous…

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